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    Lorraine Burns (Thursday, 18 May 2023 10:12)

    Trish is gifted with an amazing pair of healing hands. I always look forward to my visits to Trish and feel the benefits for many weeks after.

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    Kathleen meehan (Wednesday, 17 May 2023 21:42)

    Trish 's massages are such a treat for the body ,soul and mind.I would go every week if I lived closer .She is such a warm friendly person that the massage is only part of the experience, the chat and hugs after only adds to the overall package.

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    Joanne O'Sullivan (Tuesday, 16 May 2023 18:19)

    Regular sessions of reflexology and massage with Trish have become part of midlife self maintenance for me. I’ve never encountered anyone who gives so much of herself to improve another’s wellbeing. She is also so generous with her time and endlessly generous of spirit. Thank you Trish �

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    Natalia (Monday, 29 August 2022 08:02)

    The energy that flows from Patricia is unreal, every time I've been with her doing reflexology she brings me to another level of relaxation, she is so good and I LOVE her vive, she is helping me a lot to cope with my quemotherapy and to content my anxiety.

    Not also very profesional, she is very good person. :)
    Highly recomended!

    Thanks so much for all your help Patricia.

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    Maria Gies (Thursday, 11 November 2021 08:53)

    I had a reflexology session with Patricia. Its was so much more and the best reflexology session i have ever had.

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    Helen Cuddigan (Tuesday, 23 June 2020 11:35)

    Trish is firstly a very intuitive, thoughtful, generous and kind person. This underpins everything she does and offers. Trish’s treatments and presence undoubtedly make a real difference. I would have been a little unsure about reflexology and mindfulness etc.. but have felt the strong benefits and mental well-being these practices offer thanks to Trish. Thank you also Trish for keeping in touch so selflessly throughout lockdown. Looking forward to seeing you again and always delighted and confident to recommend you! Hx

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    Sharon (Tuesday, 23 June 2020 11:33)

    I would highly recommend A visit to Trish. I have been a few times for her Angel Hug massage and have sent lots of friends along for a treat because it really is a treat. She is so talented at what she does and makes you feel welcome and relaxed instantly. I will be back again and again xx

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    Mary Akin (Tuesday, 16 June 2020 19:30)

    I had a facial massage and when she finished my eyes felt so wide open! I was wondering what she used to make my eyes feel so good?

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    Eva Finn (Tuesday, 22 October 2019 23:00)

    Thanks Trish for the fabulous massages over the past few weeks. My neck and back are feeling so much better. I would highly recommend Trish, she is such a warm welcoming lady and is so talented at what she does. Looking forward to the next session.

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    Amanda (Monday, 05 November 2018 12:38)

    Thank you Trish for wonderful Chakra dance sessions for the past few weeks. It was a joy and a blessing to have the space to journey through the chakras with you....

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    Margaret (Saturday, 14 July 2018 08:43)

    Last Wednesday I woke up with a very sore shoulder and neck having 'slept funny'. Usualy I go to my physio for this kind of thing but I knew she was off. I have been to Trish for massage previously and know how good she is and thankfully she was able to see me that evening. As always Trish gave a lovely massage with beautiful oils in her immaculate treatment room. Not only was my shoulder and neck pain relived but I was mentaly and emotionaly restored also. Trish is a healing person whose technical skill is accompanied by great kindness and empathy.

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    Ciara (Wednesday, 23 May 2018 18:55)

    I went to Angelhugs�Trish
    For Angel Card Reading.��

    I thought she was
    �talented and gifted.

    She really healed me�☺️�

    She really opened something inside of me �

    and now I feel so pure, clean, light and free.

    I had so much�negative toxic energy
    ➡️and she just washed it all away with her clearing pure shinning light. �

    She cleaned out all the trapped,darkness, toxic energy I had...
    and give me hope❤️
    She was just so hopeful and could see something positive, goodness in me and really focused on it. �✨�

    She believe in me ⭐️And could see all the positive qualities and things I’m good at and made me believe⭐️

    She made me love myself just the way I am. ❤️I now love myself and accept myself just the way I am. ❤️I am comfortable in my In own skin❤️
    She is such a miracle worker.
    Thank you so much xox��✨��

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    Sophie (Monday, 12 March 2018 14:02)

    I've been to Trish a few times over the last year for a massage and I always come away feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and so much lighter emotionally. Trish exudes love, warmth & empathy and you can feel how she puts all that into the massage. She has a very positive presence and her room is filled with such lovely positive affirmations that you just can't help but feel positive when you're there. I highly recommend receiving any form of treatment from Trish ❤❤

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    Trevor (Wednesday, 19 April 2017 18:43)

    Trish exudes such a positive energy that you can feel it even before she starts to talk. She has enabled me to progress spiritually to a new and brighter place. She has a wonderful natural empathy that makes every visit a warm, safe and positive experience. I would recommend her to anyone and i will certainly by a regular visitor going forward.

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    Marty (Tuesday, 20 December 2016 12:21)

    As Trish's most handsome and favourite brother I pondered about this testimonial after all it's unlikely to be negative is it? However, Trish knows that I do not believe in many of her spiritual treatments as I'm just into that so I thought I could add some balance to my review. Her massage is fantastic. Trish has massaged my lower back several times on my infrequent visits to Cork and having had regular massages from numerous professional people over a number of years it's obvious that she knows what she's doing. She is also a kind-hearted loving individual who radiates positive vibes (that's something I do believe!!) and she has a calming effect on the people around her. You could do a lot worse than investing in a bit of 'me time' for yourself and let Trish massage your cares (and aches and pains) away. Namaste - as Trish would say ;0)

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    Rita (Sunday, 21 August 2016 20:13)

    I recently had the most amazing massage with Trish and am already looking forward to my next visit! She is so warm, intuitive and really cares that you have the best experience! I cannot believe the power she has in her hands and you will leave feeling energised! She is truly gifted and very giving of her time and energy! It is the best hour you will ever spend and have already passed on my recommendation to friends!

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    Frances (Wednesday, 03 August 2016 23:32)

    Trish came highly recommended to me for her massages. I had the best massage ever on a Friday evening a great end to a stressful week. Her little talk at end of session was much appreciated and I highly recommended her to others after my visit and 3 family member's have been since. I will definitely attend her courses and cant wait to try reflexology. Enjoy your time off Trish and see you soon.

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    Betty (Sunday, 26 June 2016 22:31)

    I go to Trish for massage therapy and I would highly recommend her. Trish is a wonderful warm person and has a very caring personality. Trish has definitely healing hands and is able to give the best massages I have ever had. Looking forward to the next one x.

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    Tina (Tuesday, 12 April 2016 23:26)

    I attend trisha's wonderful meditations on a regular basis and also recently completed chakra development course. I thoroughly enjoyed this course with Trish providing such an interesting and comprehensive understanding of chakras ( so much so that I was gutted when we came to the end of the course !!) I very much hope to attend further courses. Trisha with her kind,welcoming and enthusiastic manner making her classes an absolute pleasure to attend!

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    Margaret (Friday, 01 April 2016 13:04)

    I recently completed a Chakra Develepmont course ( one night a week for 8 weeks) with Trish at her home. Trish is a lovely, kind and understanding lady who delivered the course in a professional manner and in an easy to understand format. I learned a huge amount about my inner self, the chakras, our aura and enjoyed the meditations that we had each night. I hope to attend more classes with Trish in future.

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    Karen (Wednesday, 16 March 2016 10:14)

    Trish is a wonderful lady. I had the most amazing session of reflexology last night. I love reflexology but I have to say that this session was the best I have ever year. I'm looking forward to my next session. Thank you Trish. xx

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    Aileen Kennedy (Friday, 22 January 2016 23:32)

    Trisha is a gifted, warmhearted and lovely Lady. Her professionalism is second only to her innate ability to understand, assist and guide her clients. I highly recommend her and look forward to my next session. Xx

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    Shannon LaGreca (Tuesday, 15 December 2015 17:37)

    I was blessed enough to have met Trish on my travels thru Europe this fall. A dear friend introduced me to Trish and I will forever be grateful as I know that my time with Trish healed many past lives, shifted my energies and I knew my spirit guides would protected on my journey. Trish is a true spiritual healer. One of the best I have ever had the pleasure of sharing sacred space with (I have been to many over the past 3 years). She is kind, warm and is made of pure light. I walked thru my journey of traveling for 4 weeks with the grace she allowed me to open from within myself and with courage and strength that her heart chakra session gave to me. I felt save, comfortable and welcomed in her beautiful home. I live in Canada and will be planning a trip to see Trish again because I loved Ireland and the beautiful energy surrounding Trish. Thank you so much for your light and love! I highly recommend you to everyone!! xo

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    Deborah (Sunday, 13 December 2015 21:44)

    Trisha is a miracle worker.
    The minute I met her I felt immediately safe in her hands. Her home was so welcoming and warm. Her therapy room was beautiful and i experienced a neck and back massage like no other.
    Trish was able to give me the most inspiring and spot on advice regarding coping with tricky situations and managing and embracing my feelings. She gave me the confidence I needed to proceed with a particular situation which had previously caused me alot of anxiety and pain. I came away from our session feeling lighter and having the know how to have empathy with myself and others around me. Thank you so much trish.

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    Edel Ritz (Sunday, 15 November 2015 22:21)

    After just 2 sessions with Trish I have healed childhood pains that have crippled me for 35 years emotionally. As a result of working with her in meditation (both in a small group and one-on-one) my heart has opened to love and now I feel safe and willing to accept kindness and love from others, especially my husband and other male energies. I have learned about which angels walk beside me everyday and I have embraced their presence in my life. Trish's workspace is so welcoming and comfortable. I am so blessed that I found her - I learn more and more about my chakra's and how to ground myself. Trish is a teacher, healer, angel in disguise and a very genuine person (in my humble opinion). I would absolutely recommend her services X

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    Deborah (Monday, 02 November 2015 15:17)

    Ive been to Patricia a few times for Angel readings&i love seeing her.she just has a very gentle&compassionate way about her&i cant recommend her feel very relaxed around Trish&she is just a genuine person xx

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    Dee Bres (Friday, 28 August 2015 15:23)

    This angel is amazing!!!! I give her 5 stars across the boards!!! The way she has helped me find the light. On top of it her angel cards are so exact. She is a peaceful loving good soul that will inspire you and tell you exactly what you need. The Angels defiently gave her a gift!!

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    Jane O'Sullivan (Sunday, 16 August 2015 10:13)

    I go to Trish regularly for massage sessions and she is wonderful! I always feel so much better after an hour with her and highly recommend her as a therapist.

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    Andrew (Monday, 10 August 2015 20:41)

    Hi Patricia this place has given me friends with my brain injury,anxiety and introvertness people take too kindly too it but at Patricia's mediation her patience and humility make me feel safe and gives myself insight into my illness and whom I am my hybrid nature so angel hugs

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    MD (Thursday, 23 July 2015 14:08)

    I just want to say thank you for the reading you gave me a number of weeks ago, using your new crystal cards. My goodness, it was more profound than i could have hoped. The information was so thorough reagarding the energies at work in my life at the moment that I am still getting comfort from this reading as new situations crop up. Questions I didn't even know to ask, back then, are answered in this reading. I am so grateful and have found such peace of mind. These cards seem to be exquisitively sensitive and are in the right hands, coming through you!!
    Thank you so very much

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    Majella Goge (Thursday, 09 July 2015 11:12)

    Trish.....Solenn really loved the classes and I think she has already signed herself up for the next time......It was a great way of starting out the summer holidays .......I will recommend this to parents of children from 6yrs up its a very positive and relaxing energy they get from it xxx

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    Kathy Murphy (Wednesday, 08 July 2015 21:39)

    Aoife really enjoyed the rainbow magic classes with Trish. She was delighted to be woken up to go every morning! Would definitely consider sending her again. We'll done

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    Rachel (Monday, 13 April 2015 22:48)

    What a lovely website. I feel myself relaxing and settling so comfortably into the moment as I read the uplifting and inspiring messages. What an amazing gift to bestow - a few moments to peace and tranquility in our crazy, hectic lives. Thank you so much.
    I've had a number of lovely healing sessions with Trish and would highly recommend her reflexology and massage. Definately agree with Sue below - Trish has healing hands, and her lovely energy soothes the spirit as well as the muscles. Again, thank you so much.

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    Sue (Tuesday, 07 April 2015 18:38)

    I can highly recommend Trish's soothing and energising massages. She definitely seems to have healing hands, having worked miracles on stiff necks etc for various members of my family. Her warm and caring personality is evident from the moment she greets you till you leave (rather reluctantly), feeling marvellous and looking forward to the next time.

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    Claire McCarthy (Monday, 30 March 2015 23:34)

    I first met Trish when she did a meditation in the summer at night under a full moon. I really enjoyed it feeling close to nature and angels. I then started going to fortnightly meditations. I learned about the chakras, danced to different inspiring music and songs and became more in touch with thoughts and my feelings and how I wanted to progress my life. I went to my first chakra dancing session last Saturday and again felt more empowered, enlightened and happy at the end. I cannot recommend Trish's classes highly enough. She is very gifted at what she does and lives what she teaches. She is very knowledgeable about angels and the chakras and has studied hard to learn even more. She is a warm and caring person, cooking for us after classes and inspires the best in people.

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    Laura Kenneally (Monday, 23 February 2015 00:44)

    Hi everyone great meditation friday night at Patricia's we warmed up our solar plexus with some dancing then we did a lovely meditation to get those flames going. I have felt great since energised and ready to get things done that I have being putting off so I have had a very productive weekend. It has been great. Thank you Trish xxx

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    Ger -Cork (Tuesday, 04 November 2014 20:26)

    Wednesday night meditation with Patricia is heavenly.It is a safe haven where we cleanse and clear our chakras,feeling so happy and energised after.It is a fabulous experience.

More Testimonials

The day before my wedding I knew I needed grounding and to connect with my heart.  I got in touch with Trish and made an appointment. All I told Trish is that I needed grounding and I wanted to open my heart.  This was quite a vague request but she reassured me that she would cater a session for my needs.

When I arrived I was blown away by the beauty of the room.  Trish had gone to so much effort to make me feel welcome.  I sat down and was treated to an incredibly grounding and relaxing foot massage.  Following this Trish guided me through a mediation.  It was beautiful, uplifting and  meditation connecting with my inner goddess, expanding my aura, listening to my heart, writing a love letter...and more.  

Put simply: it was an incredible experience. I floated out of the house! 

I would advise any bride to be to contact Trish.  The run up to a wedding can be so hectic and many of us run around getting facials, wraps, waxing etc.  But we often neglect our emotional / spiritual selves and needs? In my experience this was by far the best way for me to enter married life with my man.  I felt spiritually supported, deeply grounded and very, very peaceful for my big day.  

Thanks Trish
Karen B xx


I'm very happy with my reading that I received from Trish today. This is the second time that i've had a reading from Trish and have received some great comfort from them. When we're busy we sometimes forget to nuture ourselves and let people help us. Never refuse a helping hand, sometimes we're too proud to ask/receive help. Trish has confirmed for me through the loving angels what is right for me now and the coming months. Delighted with confirmation. This was/is a huge push for me to straighten some stuff out.

Thanks again Trish x




I recently got a private angel card reading from Patricia.The reading was so accurate for me as to what was going on in my life and the decsions I need to make for myself for my future. The stuff that came up only I could know it was amazing.Beautiful experience will be back again & will recommend my friends to use your site.

Many thanks

Catherine Dublin

I have brought my daughter to Trish for reflexology a number of times as it helps greatly with the pain she gets in her feet as a result of bone problems. Trish is a lovely person with a gentle and calming energy. She is insightful and fun to be with, and has a detailed knowledge of her craft. She is a warm, approachable practioner, and I will definitely be bringing my daughter back for further treatments, especially with Junior Cert year looming.

Thank you, Trish.



The dance workshop was the best fun I have had in such a long time. Great to let loose and I didn't feel at all self conscious. I felt safe happy and at ease. Although it was hard as it brought up things that I have been going through and was trying to deny for a long time. I thought I had healed all my demons but alas the biggest one of all is the one that I was denying the most. This week although hard as the tears fell is beginning to get better and clearer as I have kept so much in but now it is being released and while I want to run and hide so much I know I have to face it. And I am scared but I am ready. Thank you Patricia for helping me open with your dance and song so I may truly heal. I would recommend this dance workshop to everyone as Patricia is a true teacher her face lights up when she does this work with us and you can see it in her whole being that she was born to do this. Please try it out.


Kind Regards

Laura K

Patricia your Intuitive Dance Workshop on Sunday the 13th April in Ladysbridge was wonderful bringing so much energy joy ,light and inspiration through the movement of dance what a lovely way to work with our Chakras.I am feeling so uplifted after this great afternoon of dance, and cannot wait for the next workshop .Thanks a mill for being such an inspiration and bringing this new experience to my life.Keep up the good work .Angel blessings Breda

My name is Breda and I was first introduced to Patricia when I enrolled in a Angel healing and meditation course she was giving at the Community College.  This was the beginning of my journey into meditation and the Angels, and learning how important to practice it in our daily lives.  Patricia is so passionate and dedicated, that she makes each person feel so special and every meditation evening is one to remember, you come away feeling so relaxed and energised,and with a real sense of well being.  I also attended a six weekly workshop on Chakras and this was a wonderful enlightening experience to learn a practical system for healing energy imbalances and taking. control of our mental and physical health. Thank you Patricia for your energy and humanity and for bringing a light into my life, and the love and light you send out into the world.



Trish offers a really warm welcome. She is very friendly and puts you at ease as soon as you meet her. Whether you are new to meditation, and maybe a little nervous of the unknown, or an old hand Trish is a wonderful, down-to-earth and caring facilitator.  She offers beautiful and intuitive guidance during her mediations. I have also had Angel Healing done with Trish and to be honest I was shocked by how much she read / felt about me before I even told her what was going on in my life.  She is very tuned in, really approachable and such a great guide. Going into her meditation room is like going into a little warm cocoon; a very welcoming spiritual space. I am just thrilled that I found this meditation group on my own doorstep!


From Karen

Patricia is a patient and informative teacher with great communication skills. Her classes are always interesting and thought provoking which is then followed by a lively group discussion. Her healing and meditation classes are so relaxing and enjoyable. It is a time to switch off and have some well deserved me time. I would recommend meditation classes to anyone who suffers with stress.


Patricia is also a wonderfully skilled masseuse who enjoys her work and it shows. In her care you have her undivided attention. Following your reflexology session she will advise you on how to care for and treat your feet to keep them in the best shape. I would recommend Patricia to be a very worthwhile visit to anyone with aches and pains or to anyone who might need a deep tissue massage to re-boost themselves in this cold and wet weather.



I met Trish over a year ago through a friend of mine.I attended the workshop at the local college, which I really enjoyed.Trish introduced the chakras to me meditation and the angels. Trish taught me to quieten my mind, relax and enjoy the gifts of life which we all take for granted at times.  Trish has brought much joy  and gratitude into my lifes experiances. All Tish has taught me is now part of my daily life. To be grateful for the beauty in my life including difficult situations through faith, prayer, and working with the angels. I am so lucky to have met Trish, she is a very genuine and sincere person who gives her all not for money but for the goodness of others and her heart, she is an amazing person so glad I crossed paths with her! I have been to visit Trish on numerous occasions for meditation group and  I highly recommend it.


Lorraine Cork

I can whole-heartedly recommend Patricia.


She is a compassionate, warm hearted practitioner who goes above and beyond her role in client care. Upon meeting her, you are immediately put at ease by her lovely serene energy.


As both a private client who has seen Patricia for numerous treatments and an attendant of her Meditation evenings, I have found her to be patient, kind and gentle and very knowledgeable.


By choosing Patricia you know you are choosing an experienced, competent Practitioner who treats you as the unique person you are in the utmost confidence.




I enjoy going to meditation group it helps me to relax and understand myself better. Plus I enjoy the company its really cool and i feel safe and understood.



I felt so much better after the angel card reading thanks to Patricia. Her connection with the angels was lovely and she soothed all my worries with the guidance she received for me. I believe  After the reading I felt so much better about myself and my life. Patricia gave me more understanding about angels and how they can help me in my daily life.


Marie, Dublin.

I find Trish's meditation class to be the most beautiful calming night out.  She creates what feels to be a very safe & angelic space with her soothing voice  & I always leave feeling balanced and rejuvenated & happy.


Marianne  Cork /Clare

 I have availed of Patricia's treatments.   The massage has always left me fully relaxed, revitalized and my muscles ache free.  The Integrated Energy Therapy, I believe provides relaxation and healing for mind, body and spirit leaving me with a feeling of wellbeing.
Patricia herself is a very warm friendly Lady, highly qualified and very professional in her work.

I can't wait for my next appointment.  I can highly recommend it. Just try it .
Jim   Cobh.  

Patricia is a gifted, gentle and amazing healer & therapist. She is a highly intuitive individual with a vast knowledge of all that is spiritual. She also has a gift with words and writes beautiful and inspiring poems and quotes.


I would highly recommend Patricia for any healing or therapy work. You will feel relaxed in a bubble of bliss after a session with her!




Soul Light   

I have gone to  patricia, a good few times, first for reflexology which I found very relaxing and helpful and went back for more. I  went back a another time, and had charka cleansing and angel card readings which was great. Patricia is very pleasant, calm and easy to chat with, I was very pleased with everything I had done and received and I will be going back for more in the future.


Patricia Cork

I’ve known Trish for a few years and have had both Angel Card Reading and Hands-On-Healing from Trish and would recommend both.

When in Trish’s company one feels so relaxed and it’s as if you are in another realm,  you just want this feeling to last.



I have been on a spiritual journey for a number of years now & have read many books on it. One of my favourite's Louise Hay made a great statement 'when the student is ready the teacher appears'. Trish has appeared in my life in the last year through a friend by attending her meditation course. She is the teacher I need in my life now to extend my knowledge. Trish knows her chosen holistic & spiritual fields well, I find I can ask her any questions & she always comes back with very informative & enlightening answers. You come away feeling well & energised after visiting Trish & I always have a great night's sleep after her meditation class. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I am so lucky our paths have crossed. Thanks a mill Trish! :-)

Namaste Breda H