Spiritual Spa

What Oils Do I Use?

Using organic oils is of the utmost importance in my practice. I use a few different brands from Neal's Yard Remedies Tisserand and Young Living.  What I put on my clients skin and indeed on my own is very important to me for their healing and soothing properties. When a customer/receiver visits me  they are trusting in the oils I am using. Oils play a huge roll in massage this is an area to spent money on the best!



Having regular massage treatments may seem indulgent but there is nothing better to increase your sense of wellbeing than a deeply relaxing massage! No matter how many hot dresses or shoes you have in your wardrobe, you are going to need skin that is soft and in tip top condition.

Therapeutic touch is comforting and healing, its a great way to unwind and connect with your body’s needs. Most massage therapists agree that if your back is in good condition your health will be pretty good. Having a massage has a great affect on the nervous system. So what are you waiting for send me a text to book in!!


I work with my intuition and I use this in my treatments. Connecting with spiritual essence helps me to help you. I work to empower you and help you to connect with your own essence and spirituality so you can help yourself. See my client testimonials to see how my clients feel.


See Below for the benefits of all treatments. Check out LOTIONS & POTIONS on my own TIPS for beautiful soft skin.





Treatments Available

Let me know what you would like and we can come up with a package to suit you.

Swedish Holistic Massage

Angel Hugs Back Massage

Dien Chan Zone Facial Reflexology


Indian Head Massage

Integrated Energy Therapy ( Healing with Angels)

Angel Card Reading ( in person or by email and skype )

Fortnightly Meditation Evenings ( I can also do private groups or one to one)

 Spiritual workshops/chakra  development workshops

Chakra dancing / intuitive movement.

Rainbow Children Magical Moving Stories.



Angel Hugs xx



MASSAGE  FULL BODY                                                                       55 EURO  1 HR

BACK MASSAGE My AngelHug Special                                                45 EURO  1HR


REFLEXOLOGY                                                                                   45 EURO   1HR


INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE                                                                   30 EURO    Half an hour


ANGEL CARD READING (in person)                                                   30 EURO    1HR


IET Integrated Energy Therapy Healing with Angels.                            55 EURO      1HR


DIEN CHAN ZONE  facial reflexology                                                45  EURO      1HR

(An initial meeting to discuss your needs is needed first)               
One to one healing, spiritual guidance and meditation sessions working on your specific needs  85 Euro 
 80 MINS
(contact me regarding this, as this is a popular request)                                                                                                     
One to One CHAKRA INTUITIVE MOVEMENT / RAINBOW  MOTION                     55 EURO 1.5 HR
MEDITATION GROUP   SESSIONS      MIN 6 PEOPLE)                                           10 EURO each  1.5 HR
*please note some chakra dance classes may cost more depending on the cost of the room.
I try to keep my prices as low as possible, and I will update the site of any changes ASAP
The easiest way to book in with me is to leave me voicemail or send me a text, and I will get back to you ASAP. Day and evening appointments taken. Please bear in mind I have meditation groups fortnightly  Thursday & Fridays. (see meditation/workshops tab)
Morning appointments start at 10am. Last evening appointment is 7.30pm Mon - Fri
Please contact me regarding treatments on a saturday


CORONAVIRUS Customer declaration form
Please fill out this form and bring to your appointment.
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consultation form part two
Rainbowwisdom client consultation form p
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Consultation form
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Disclaimer Form
disclaimer signature form.docx
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All clients will have to sign the disclaimer form if they are going to receive a treatment. Please print out and read carefully all forms. Please bring them to your appointment. If you forget I will a carry out the holistic questionnaire with you on our first meeting. I must be informed of any subsequent updates on your health, treatments or medications prior to  receiving treatments.

Benefits of Treatments

REFLEXOLOGY: Treats the body as a whole, using the feet as a map of the whole body. It effects all body systems promoting deep relaxation, improving overall energy, reducing muscular stress & tension, improves blood circulation, activates the body’s self-healing, improves waste removal, releases trapped nervous energy, improves neural efficiency, boosts immunity, and helps to balance meridians. Plus much more !!


HOLISTIC SWEDISH MASSAGE: Improves circulation, skin tone, muscle tone, releases tension and muscle fatigue, softens skin, promotes body’s self-healing, calms the mind, boosts lymphatic system, clears and allows space for emotional upsets to be released. Massage theory in itself is scientific, but massage gives the practitioner an opportunity to work instinctively, without words, letting her hands guide her. Massage can be invigorating or promote deep relaxation.




Indian Head massage is a deeply relaxing treatment, which both energizes and relaxes the whole head and scalp. It strengthens the nervous system, increases blood circulation fresh oxygen and glucose to the brain. Balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain. It aids the digestive system and stimulates the Prana (living electrical energy) in the brain.




Gentle but powerful clearing of emotional, mental and physical “baggage” at a cellular level. Promotes self-discovery & exploration, reduces stress, a deeper connection to GOD, recharges energy, and helps you regain inner peace. Please see website www.learniet.com



Three card reading available by email or in person. I also  look at where your chakras are focused at the moment, and where you may be facing challenges, this is an addition along with your reading.

Angel card readings offer a gentle approach to angelic assistance and connection.

The reading assists by letting you know, What angels are with you, what they angels wish to assist you with, where you are at emotionally in the present, how you can help yourself. Where there are possible imbalances, what could be helpful to you. This is not tarot reading or prediction! This is a guidance reading only!!


Please note that not all treatments are suitable for everybody. This is dependant on your physical, mental and emotional needs or if you are under the care of Consultants and Doctors or on medication. Please contact me for further information.


 A word of caution to anybody suffering from severe distress or trauma. Or even if you feel drawn to see someone for healing. Please be careful if you are considering having spiritual healing. By this I would urge you to please make sure the person you are seeing is fully qualified and experienced with your particular trauma or distress.

Also that the person you are seeing is working, or has worked on their own problems first, and that the person is very grounded, humble, practical, proficient, trustworthy, confidential and has a good reputation. Spiritual healing is not a quick fix cure. It is in fact a very sacred process where an agreement is made between healer and client. Most reputable healers have their own "contract" or guidelines they abide by. You as a client have to be very open with what you expect from the treatments and the reality of taking responsibility for your own well being. Healing is an exchange of energy between healer and client. No one should be doing anything to you that you are not ready for or have not given permission for. I cannot state this enough!! I am sorry to say this, but please also beware of people who claim to call themselves healers. These people are working from ego. You can usually spot them quite easily!! 

Angel Hugs  Trish xx