My Poetry


Here you will  find  some of my poetry. I in no way think of myself as a poet or even a writer for that matter!!!. But there is a deep part of me which seeks to express itself and here are the results. I hope that they bring you joy and inspiration.

 You will also find some quotes and inspirations in the section on angels. All poetry and inspirations are copyrighted to me!!


Love Trish x

I have written three new poems recently, or little dittos. These have been inspired by my recent reading of Burning Woman. Enjoy.

Divine poetry



In the ocean of eternity

I will wait for you

On restful clouds I slumber

Do not be sad in the days ahead

For I am with you always.


In your darkest days

Remember me with smiles not tears

For I am the gentle breeze

That caresses your face

I am the warmth in a familiar embrace.


Do not fret my love

For I am with you always

You are my precious, my love so deep


My departing brings sweet sorrow

And is a burden you must bare

But I am standing by your side

I am always near

Feel my love surround you

Holding you so close

And know

My love for you is endless

And as wondrous as the stars

In the ocean of eternity

I will wait for you


by P Jordon copyright 2014



Many a silken word, have left honeyed lips,

From glided cages

Lives bought and sold

From soft hands, and full belly,

Many a promise broken,

A human life lain waste on the ground

Never seen or heard.

And as mother earth turns once more,

Her wounds to reveal,

Echo’s carried along the winds,

Our ancestors do call,

Children of the earth,

We weep, We weep.

Our story must be told

See your peoples wander,

Nomads, ghosts among their lands,

And as their roots are cut and cut and cut,

Their hearts are slowly broken,

Pain and sorrow leave its mark,

With nothing left to give,

Where, oh where is your mercy and Compassion,

Do you not see your sister cry?

Where is your humanity?

Lay down your arms; lay down your fears,

Look into the eyes of your brother,

Seek harmony, not discord.

Come together in love, not hate.

Seek only light, not darkness.

For there your treasure awaits


And as the sun sets and rises,

A new earth is awakening,

The dawning of your soul,

Peaceful warriors,

Arise from your slumber,

Shine forth your light,

Join hands and hearts with your sister and brother,

Spread your love across the lands,

There in your freedom

You will find your strength

There in your freedom,

You will find WE ARE ONE

 Copyright P. Jordon 2014