Colour Fix

My body has been crying out for colour lately, so I have taken some photos (see above), so that I can "drink in" the vibration of the colours. We have had so much rain here in Ireland it really is getting boring now. I know London isn't much better but even so!!  I cannot wait for the days to get brighter.Saying that these dark days give me an excuse to clean out the wardrobes. I gave my clothing an overhaul. Getting rid of clothes that just weren't doing it for me anymore. And  at long last I gave away my underwear sets ( in every rainbow colour I may add) to the local charity shop. How can one person accumulate so many Marks and spencer underwear sets. Its ridiculous. (oops)

So in my search for colour I even bought myself a red lipstick!! Yes it came as a shock to me, and the sales assistant. But I'm loving it, and I am going to wear it every day if I feel like it. Now that leads to the question how colour friendly are you? and have you noticed a yearning for colour. Or is it just me?

You dont have to go mad on colours. Maybe buy a new lipstick, or nail polish,or you could try a colourful new scarf.Whatever you decide, notice how your mood changes, and how other people react to you. Colour holds such vibrancy and has the power to uplift and enliven. So go get your colour fix, and let the world see how Beautiful you are!

Light it Up 

Just a reminder to use colour. As we hopefully move into warmer days and balmy evenings.Am I asking to much?? Experiment with colour. I have written lots on the meaning and power of colour in the articles below, just scroll down. Colour has wonderful curative healing qualities.Different colours can lift our moods helping us to feel vital and full of energy,or perhaps calm us down. Have a colour stock take of your wardrobe this week.See what colours you have.Do you need to add more colour? Are there colours you avoid and not just because of your complexion!! What colours do you tend to wear? Why? Do the colours you wear represent your mood? Or do you just grab any old thing with not much thought? Do you think you can wear bright colours?

Try experimenting this week get a little braver and try some new shades .Even if you love dark blue, try a few shades lighter.Or if you love magenta try a lighter pink. See how you feel and how other people react to you.You might just surprise yourself at how much colour plays a role in your life. Give it a go even for a week!

Spring Sensation

The daffodils are blooming, the grass is growing, the birds are singing.Yes its spring, that time of year where new life starts to pop its head up from the ground. Now is a wonderful time for you, to get "spring Cleaning". Get things in order and start afresh. I have a post called boudoir babe below and its all about creating a welcoming bedroom. Well there is no difference to cleaning the rest of your home. Get rid of unwanted unused clothing, clear away cobwebs, dust and clutter. Open the windows, and breathe new life into your home. Yellow as I have mentioned before is a glorious colour to lift your mood.It invites so much joy into your home and your physical being.Add a splash of this colour to your clothing or bedroom or living room to create some well deserved happiness. If you don't have any parks near you, or if you don't have a garden.Try and buy some flowers to lift an enhance the feel and vibration of your home.You will feel a palpable difference the healing power of nature provides. Go with whatever flowers you are drawn to.  

Darkness Falls

September is a time of change its equinox starts the beginning of shorter days and longer nights for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere.

It is important to remember that the seasons do affect us both emotionally and physically. People can find themselves less motivated. While others find it very easy to over indulge or comfort eat as the nights get colder and darker. These kinds of reactions or behaviours become automatic for some and ultimately don’t benefit them. So be aware how you are feeling as the season changes. Nature’s cycle is natural, and it is important that we honour it and ourselves as we go through the cycles as well.

 A lot of people do get very depressed irritable and moody as daylight lessons.   I know for myself I prefer the sunshine and heat!! I’m not that great with autumn and winter, mainly because I don’t like the cold. So getting as much sunlight is important for me. I always feel perkier in the sunshine. Becoming aware of how you are reacting to the seasons is important for your wellbeing. Use this time to nurture your inner world. Assess the summer and all the goals you achieved, the fun you had.

The equinox is usually celebrated by rituals, including singing and dancing and different cultures celebrate it in their own way. The Jewish religion celebrates Rosh Hashanah where they dip fresh apples into honey. This is a celebration of creation and is associated with the Divine Feminine. The Chinese eat “moon cake” a beautiful pastry filled with duck eggs and bean paste to celebrate the change in season. The pagans have Mabon this is celebrated as one of the eight sabbats (solar cycles of the year). A time for celebrating harvest both physically and spiritually.

If you feel like having a “clear-out” then please do, or if you want to organise your wardrobe that’s a good place to start. You can swap your summer shoes for your winter boots; get your hats and scarves out. Pull out the winter woollies, or even change your bed linen to warmer throws. Do what feels right for you. I know I like to pull my winter stuff out and get organised, (that’s the Virgo in me).

Ritual to bring in Light

You can do a simple ritual for yourself at this time with a white candle. Sit quietly for a few moments close your eyes and let your mind relax, breathe deeply right into your solar plexus , release and do this at least three times. Then open your eyes and gently focus on the flame. See the delicate colours of the flame dance before you, red, orange blue and yellow. Say aloud “Sacred flame of life I bring your light forward to carry with me in the dark nights ahead” You will light my way just as the summer sun. Your light will sustain me In Love & Light in Love & Light in Love & Light AMEN. Or words to that effect!! Whenever you feel you need a little boost light your candle.

Spend as much time outside as you can, walks in the woods, in the parks or even your garden. As you walk collect pieces of wood or leaves, pine cones etc.  and place anything you emotionally wish to release into them, then go and place them into a nearby river or ask mother earth to take your troubles, and let them flow out the soles of your feet.

Spice It Up

Garlic Cinnamon Ginger Coriander Cardamom Cumin  Cayenne
Garlic Cinnamon Ginger Coriander Cardamom Cumin Cayenne

Hello Rainbowwisdomers!!! I thought I would  share some information on SPICES!!! As you know nature provides us with an amazing natural medicine cabinet, most of which are already used in conventional medicine today.But you can add spices to your food to balance your energies and give your health a boost to. 

Spices mainly originate in places like India, Africa, South America & China, but here in the west we have them in abundance now, thanks to the spice trail ( China silk route) and trading with the East  India Trading Company a few hundred years ago!!

Now in traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine, which has been around for 5,000 years. Spices are used to balance mind body and soul. Depending on what Dosha you are different ingredients are used to treat you. As I was raised on spices and hot foods I am very used to using them in my cooking which I love to do. So here are a few common spices that are readily available from supermarkets. Give them a try and see how you get on. You will be amazed at how flavours change just by adding a few spoons. Enjoy.


GARLIC   This wonderful little bulb is packed with antibacterial and antifungal properties.Used for thousands of years garlic is great at boosting immunity from colds to flu. It can be eaten raw or cooked. It has been used in beer by the ancient Egypitians  to help the body get rid of infections! In world war two it was used to treat gangrene!


CINNAMON    This piece of bark can be used in sweet or spicy dishes. It contains lots of antioxidants, far more than the others. It helps reduce inflamation, it can ease nausea. It is thought cinnamon may help reduce the chances of getting diabetes if added to food every day! (It can balance blood sugar levels) It is wonderful sprinkled over  eggs as they fry, (it helps to kill bacteria and tastes fab). Or used in warm milk along with a cardamom pod, to help you drift off to sleep. It can be added to smoothies and porridge.


GINGER  This little beauty has a very powerful flavour, its root  contains an ingrediant called Gingerol, which is a chemical that is thought to reduce inflamation. It is also thought to reduce nausea  and help ease upset stomachs. My own Chinese Doctor who practices Accupunture and Chinese Medicine, uses ginger a lot to treat and ease pain of arthritis. It can be used to speed up the metabolism and make you feel fuller after you have eaten something. Great for sore throats and colds you can make a cup of ginger tea to ease any pain when swallowing. In some African countries it is used  as a aphrodisiac.


CORIANDER  This herby leaf has a distinct flavour you can buy coriander seeds as well. The seeds are used in Ayurvedic medicine to ease upset stomachs as they have a cooling property. Corriander leaves are said to aid colic, heartburn  and indigestion. The ancient Chinese Doctors used this herb as well they believed it helped with flatulance, nausea and piles!! Its great in salads, soups and scrambled eggs!


CARDAMOM  This little pod is used a lot in perfumes!As well as cooking. Ancient Egyptians used it in their perfumes as well. It is thought to ease stomach cramps, and ease stomach acid,mouth ulcers and urinary tract problems. It is used a lot in teas and in coffees. Great in deserts or to flavour warmed milk.


CUMIN    This spice contains iron which is a mineral needed to boost immunity and prevent anaemia. Great sprinkled over root vegetables and roasted in the oven with garlic & cayenne.


CAYENNE  This pepper is made from dried chillies. It contains capsaicin a very potent

 anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It can ease aches and pains, and boost circulation. Great sprinkled over potatoes and them roasted in the oven or used in pasta sauces.


There are lots more spices you can use like nutmeg, turmeric, and saffron, and they have properties to. Remember to keep your spices in an airtight container, as they lose their potency and flavour if exposed to the air for too long. Always try to get fresh spices and grind them yourself, if not as I said keep them cool and sealed in a cupboard.


Summer Loving

Hello my beautiful Rainbow wisdomers!!! Summer is here woop woop. I love the summer, and more importantly I love the sun and heat.The garden is slowly coming to life with lots of beautiful colour, and sents. I thought Id share with you some of the lovely flowers that are now coming into bloom. Have a look at the slide below. I must add however.I am not a gardener.Not in the real sense I wouldnt know a daffodil from a luptin. Well I just plant a few seeds and hope they come up (ha ha).My mum does the garden I kind of tag along for the ride!! She is always telling the names , which I retain for about a day. Then its just ooh thats pretty can we buy those seeds.They look fantastic!!We both love colour and to see the garden bursting in all its glory. So that got me thinking, how many of you out there love your flowers? Or herbs even.Do you find nature and all her colours inspiring.Does it bring you joy and excitement? Nature is a great healer, spending time alone or with company, feeling the earth, helping new life come along. I feel very much I am planting my own roots when Im planting new flowers.I ask not only for the plant to grow strong.But myself also.I ask for my roots to grow that bit deeper that bit stronger. So next time your out in the garden, take a few moments to connect with the plant or the seeds you have, bless them, the water and the soil before you put them into the earth. Remember your energy travels into everything, you are part of all. Bless yourself and bless the nature that surrounds you, If you dont have a garden, thats ok you can still bring plants into your home and do the same thing. As I have mentioned before, plants and flowers have their own unique essence, their own energy.They can uplift a space and bring calm and healing into your home.So make time this summer to bring some of that healing energy into your home. Also get out there and enjoy the sun (with protection!!) boost your mood, move your body, dance, sing, jump, smile, laugh ,and play. The sun is a great energizer. Take time to meditate outside, connect with nature, the trees, grass, flowers, the beach, whatever.Just take some quality time for yourself. Give your aura a cleanse and a boost near the sea, take a walk in the woods to ground yourself, and take a hike up a hill to connect with the heavens!! Have a wonderful summer everyone, wherever you go or whatever you do. Angel hugs to all. 

Mellow Yellow Friendship

The wonderful world of Yellow. Nothing perks you up quicker than an injection of yellow colour of gold and sunshine.But did you know that yellow helps to strenghten the bonds of friendship. No, well get your yellow groove on and start filling your world in this glorious shade. If you want to bring harmony excitement and adventure to your frienship yellow is the way to go. Like any space keep it free from clutter, and damp dust regularly.Put yellow flowers in a clear glass or vase,burn citrus smelling insense to promote a comforting refeshing atmosphere. Or hang paintings and pictures of daffodils and sunflowers on the walls. Use yellow plates or teacups and mugs, serve lemon cake!! Or use lemon colouring in your buttercream if you make cakes for your friend! Place lots of yellow cushions or rugs around the room. You can also hang pictures of dolphins on the wall as they promote fun and playfulness. You can also place crystal in the rooms you entertain in to promote closeness and friendship, like rose quartz.It is a great healing stone that opens the heart chakra and aids loyalty. You can also place citrine around the room to boost positive energy within the room. Your friendship should benifit from all this positive energy and keep you and your friends on a happy vibe!!

Purple Reign

The colour PURPLE ooh what a lovely colour, although I cant aways wear it myself, it depends on the shade. Purple has always been associated with deep spirituality and intuition.The dye itself was very expensive in ancient times and only the rich or royalty could afford it. In spiritual terms It is seen as a very high vibrational colour, treading the worlds of enlightenment and mysticism.Violet and Indigo are great shades to use for relaxation. Purple brings a luxurious dimension an integration of red and blue which balances and increases our psychic awareness. If you have a designated "Scared Space" within your home, try adding a splash of purple to your walls or maybe some purple candles,cushions,rugs or lamps.This is the perfact shade to tell your unconscious self its time for some you time!! Fill your room with the scent of violets or lavender its aromas will soothe the mind.Use purple and violet candles to cleanse your space and increase the love you feel for yourself and others. Use  circular bowls which represent the circle of life and round cushions to promote a safe secure and comforting enviroment. If possible buy yourself a beauftiful piece of amethyst to meditate with.

Amethyst Cave
Amethyst Cave

Magical Light

I absolutely love candles; I have inherited that craze from my mother, who simply loves to see the glowing lights everywhere. There is something very primal and magical about the light from a candle. I find it very relaxing and comforting, also It’s very easy to fall into a restful hypnotic state while gently focusing on the flame. Using candles is a great way to set the mind free from worries or concerns of the day.

I have been thinking of how you can bring the fire element into your home, yes I’m thinking Feng Shui again!! Candles are the obvious easiest choice. In fact you could also use them to help manifest your dreams and desires, so with that in mind see below for COLOUR CHOICE.

When you have your candles you could anoint them with your favourite essential oil like Rose, or Lavender and say a prayer of intention or positive affirmation over it.


RED For passion, security, confidence, if you want to spice up your love life use a red candle.

ORANGE For bringing family and friends closer together especially at functions or parties so everyone gets along harmoniously

YELLOW For bringing joy excitement and a sense of fun into daily life. Also great if you want to bring adventure into your life, or you want to attract new friends. It is a positive colour for parties.

GREEN If you or someone you know and love is unwell or feeling ill use green to help speed up the healing process.

PINK if you’re looking for love or you want to bring you and your partner closer together.

BLUE If you have to give a presentation or make a speech or have a meeting with your boss, light a blue candle for peaceful clear communication, where you are heard and understood easily.

PURPLE For help in spiritual practices and connecting to the divine. It can aid your psychic readings or development.



Boudoir Babe

Ladies and Gents, if your like me.The bedroom among some other rooms is my santuary. Make the most of your boudoir by making it a space of restful tranquility. So here is a little Feng Shui bedroom make over.  It is said that the bedroom should be in the South West. If it isn't dont worry, I have listed other common sense things for you to try. Keeping your room clean and tidy invigorates the energy within it. So damp dust on a regular basis, clear out your wardrobes and cupboards.Keep everything in its place. Allow fresh air in through the windows, add some plants or fresh flowers to boost  and cleanse the energy. Turn your mattress over, clear out your bedside cabinets, who knows how many magazines you have stored in there!! Dont keep anything stored under your bed, keep electrical equipment away from your head, because I know you charge your phone by your bed! Take the TV out! Wash your windows! make sure your radiators are in good working order. Wash your linen regularly, keep it fresh bright and clean.There is nothing like slipping under clean cotton sheets!! Keep some lavendar by your bed to help you doze off, or have ylang ylang burning to ignite some passion!. Have soft lighting and gentle colours on the walls, to keep you calm refreshed and relaxed. Avoid mirrors that look straight on to your bed as they bounce energy back at you making it harder for you to fall asleep. Dont leave a laundry basket in your bedroom.Thats a no no!! Move the furniture around if you can, see if the room looks and feels better by placing the bed in a different direction. Dont have your feet facing the door, and dont place the bed in a corner where you cant get out both sides.  If you cant move the bed and you are facing the door, hang a crystal between the door and the foot of the bed.Use naturals materials in the bedroom.Play soft  calming, tranquil music to soothe your soul  and make sure the room is warm and inviting. Place pictures of  couples together if you want to bring love and relationships into your life. Love Trishx


 Our beautiful world is filled with the most amazing array of colours and for those of us, who have full use of our phyisical sight; we are blessed by its amazing beauty .Colour has the ability to uplift, inspire, and heal.

 Colour therapy is an ancient knowledge based in natural healing; it was believed that the natural colour rays charged our physical bodies therefore lifting our moods, emotions and mental wellbeing. Today there are various treatments you can avail of including hydrochromic therapy (colour tinctures) which holds a mixture of two colours and usually contains herbs or essential oils within them. The Aura Soma product is a good example of this.

 Ancient scripts on angelic lore mention seven archangels who govern the seven rainbow rays. These rays also correlate to the seven coloured rays within our chakra system. So it was thought the more you worked with your energy centres (chakras) and the angels the greater your energy system would function and you would be well on the road to enlightenment, literally and figuratively.


So how do you use colour in your life? Do you run to it or from it? It is amazing how a burst of colour can make you smile. Most times our need for a colour is quite unconscious. We can go through definite fazes where only one colour will do! The more we attune ourselves to the healing qualities of colour we can in fact create a harmonious life. I know some people are wary of colour and don’t like things that are too bright and loud. I always say if you don’t like a particular colour you don’t have to wear it all over. But you could have a handkerchief or maybe a piece of jewellery instead or even underwear or socks. The fact that you don’t find a particular colour is an interesting notion. Because there could in fact be an emotional issue that needs addressing and maybe you haven’t wanted to go there! So keep an open mind. Also don’t be afraid of blacks and grey. Black is actually feminine in nature and can aid you to connect deeply with your feminine self. This applies to both men and women.


You can use colour to invigorate a space, lovely zesty yellows will immediately lift and energise a room and boost creativity. It will help with your mental clarity as well which is fantastic. If you need a room that’s filled with calm choose baby blue it will soothe you, don’t use too much however as pale blue can become cold and uninviting. Be aware that vibrant shades of red can spark off arguments. Break up the space with a soft pink or gold. Green is great for healing and bringing tranquillity. If you need lots of energy then reds and oranges are great for getting you motivated. Also if the primary colours are too strong in a small room you can always go for a lighter shade. And don’t forget the pastels they are just as comforting and healing. Don’t use acid colours in the kitchen though as they are way too harsh and can make people feel nauseated. Warm shades promote security and comfort, but orange can aid digestion and good elimination.





Get yourself some swatches every colour of the rainbow soak in the colour, see how you physically react, and see how you feel. What is happing to your emotions? When you feel you know exactly what reaction you are having to a colour, then close your eyes and randomly pick up a colour. See if you can sense psychically what colour it is!


Don’t forget to eat in colour. Nourish your body with fruits and vegetables of every colour of the rainbow. That way you are sure to include all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body needs. We eat with our eyes as they say so choose the most vibrant and fresh ingredients as you can. Run your palm a few inches above the fruit or vegetables to feel its life source. When you feel a pull or tingle you know it’s fresh and full of vitality. Try it for yourself and see what happens!!!


I do not want to forget those who have partial sight or blindness because they can teach us a thing or two about colour. Because for them colour is felt, in vibrations, and often through music which in itself is an amazing gift. Everything is a vibration so even if a person is deaf or blind or both, you can bet their innate physic self is very much to the fore. So people without physical sight can and do still work wonders with their chakras! Being able to see colour physically does not inhibit the expansion and development of the chakra system. Often times you will hear of musicians playing certain beats of music and they automatically associate the beats with a colour. I too think of reds and oranges when a heavy fast paced beat is played, and when the music is gentle and flowing I think of greens and blues.


So go live a colourful life, fill your space with colour and you will feel the benefits. Go spend time in nature.Soak in the beautiful colours that surround you. Breathe in deeply and allow the vibration of the colours to heal you physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually. You will find that you are calmer, more centered, focused vibrant and joyful. We need light in order to remain healthy so make sure you spend at least some of your day absorbing natural light. Obviously use sunscreen to protect your skin!