This page is dedicated to all the different ANGELS we can call upon in times of trouble, or when we need guidance direction or inspiration. Enjoy and remember you need to ask for guidance and as with your friends its nice to say thank you!!


Sweet Dreams

I reminded my meditation group to protect their home and bedroom space before they go to sleep at night last week, and I was asked to write down the reminder here on the site.

Some of you may have heard of Astral Travel. It is when the Soul literally goes off and visits other realms, or places. The purpose of this for many ancient tribes people was to learn a new healing technique or to bring back messages from "spirit". I have also heard of great healers who have also been "working" in their dreams in different parts of the world to bring healing or help where it is needed. Their Souls literally leave their bodies and go somewhere else .When they wake up they are very tired and can remember where they went and what they did and what Angels or Ascended Masters they were with!! However today there are people out there who deliberately want to do this for other reasons. Im not into forcing anything, or messing with things you have no understanding of. A lot of people unfortunately pick up very low vibrations and attachments, from other souls who are not so light whilst trying to astral travel or leave their bodies, and this can have disastrous effects on their lives.

 Sometimes we can also get nightmares or scary dreams because of something we have seen throughout the day or from something we read or heard. So I think it is a good idea, to have some Angel protection whilst we sleep.

So here it is............................


As you get comfortable laying in your bed. Invoke the protection of Archangel Michael to watch over your physical body and your Soul. Ask that he protect you from all negative energies whilst you sleep. You can then ask the four mighty Archangels  Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel and Michael to stand watch over the four corners of your home. Ask for additional angels to stand at every window and doorway, emitting loving healing energy around your home, and garden. Place your home and even your street or neighborhood, in a bubble of pure white light, or whatever colour you wish. Thank the angels and rest easy. You can do the same for the day time as well.Do whatever feels natural or right for you.


You can also surround the whole world in loving light.Ask that anyone who is in trouble, hurt, grieving, sad, lonely depressed, or suicidal, find some comfort and love. Remember the more you send your love and light and positive intentions out there, you lift the vibration for all of us! One more happy heart in the world makes a huge difference.

Rainbow Angels

The following Archangels can help and guide you with any issues within these chakras. This is not inclusive by any means, as the angels do so much more and can help with a number of concerns. Please use your own intuition, and be guided by that. If you feel or see another colour while working with a particular chakra that is fine, ask the angels to bring healing light into the chakra.

The Archangels are not necessarily the same colour as the chakra itself either. In fact most of them aren’t. I have found in my own meditations that they sometimes appear in a different colour. The Archangels are working with that particular chakra, not that they are the colour of that chakra!

BROWN    Earth Star Chakra Archangel SANDALPHON

RED            Root Chakra Archangel URIEL

ORANGE   Sacral Chakra Archangel GABRIEL

YELLOW    Solar Plexus Chakra Archangels RAPHAEL & MICHAEL

GREEN      Heart Chakra Archangel CHAMUEL

BLUE         Throat Chakra Archangel MICHAEL

INDIGO     Third Eye Chakra Archangel RAZIEL

VIOLET     Crown Chakra Archangel ZADKIEL


WHITE     Soul Star Chakra Archangel METATRON

Aura Essence Spray's

What's an Aura Essence Spray I hear you ask. Well if you were paying attention you will know that we are energetic beings, our aura, is very much  part of our energy system.It is a subtle bio-magnetic field that contains seven layers surrounding the human body, and these layers correlate to the seven chakras.The word Aura comes from the Greek word AVRA meaning breeze.Your aura holds  information about your feelings, health, past circumstances etc. If you are constantly in a negative state this will show up in your aura. Aura sprays can help to gently cleanse and protect this energy system.I must add though, this is not a quick fix, if there are issues, chakra work has to done!

As you can see from the previous post I put up some essential oils you can use in meditation to connect with certain angels. You can use the same ones to make aura sprays. Please also contact a qualified aromatherapist before making anything if you are pregnant or suspect you are. Also if you are unsure if it is safe for you to use.


So you need a pump bottle, spring water and essential oils, and you call in the angel you want to dedicate the spray to. So if you wanted to cleanse and purify your aura, due to an illness or lots of negativity, you could make a..........


Ask him to bless the spray as you are making it, for the purpose of purification.

Blend your spring water depending on the size of the pump spray, with say a 5 drops of frankincense, 4 drops of lavender,5 drops of lemon and 5 drops of lemongrass. Spray  about a hand's width over the top of your head.Letting the spray gently fall over you. Then spray it in four directions, at your front, back and sides. Ask Zadkiel out loud to transmute any negative, emotions from your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.Don't forget to say thank you to Angel Zadkiel. This water should keep for a few months. If you would like stand you aura essence spray over a piece of paper when not in use with the words Angel Zadkiel and purification, that will also keep it held in high vibration.



Again in the same way call upon angel Michael, to bless, protect and bring you confidence.Ask him to bless the essence, as you are making it. Use 2 drops of lavender, 4 drops of frankincense,4 drops of geranium,in say 50mls of spring water. Again repeat the process above spraying over your head and the four directions. Repeat that all is well, that you are safe and protected, from all negativity Say this aloud asking Michael to be with you.When not in use place the bottle on a piece of paper dedicated to Michael and protection.Dont forget to thank Archangel Michael.



As above using 5 drops of rose, 3 of orange, and 2 of vanilla.But if you prefer  any other scents more use that instead ie, 5 drops of vanilla, 2 of orange, etc. Call on Jophiel to bless and dedicate this essence aura spray, to love, joy and happiness. Again you can place it on paper with the words, love, joy and happiness. Ask that Jophiel fills your aura, with love and contentment, and to raise your vibration and clear away all doubts regarding love of self and others. Again ask that this is released from your physical,emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.Affirm, I am loved , I am love, it is safe for me to love.


With all the Aura sprays, take your time to enjoy the ritual of spraying around you, breathe in the aroma as it gently flows around you, see and feel your dedicated angels around you, filling you with , love and protection.



Essential oils have been used for thousands of years, as a perfume for the skin as an ingredient for healing, massage, relaxation and even in Coca Cola. Essential oils are taken from certain plants, fruits, seeds barks, stems, petals, roots, trees, grasses and resins!  Most research into essential oils concentrates on their medicinal qualities. A lot of hospitals use essential oils now I their reception areas or, on labour wards, and some intensive care units in the UK. But you can use essential oils in a burner to assist with your meditation. The oils can lead you into a state of calm relaxation and mental clarity.

Throughout the centuries essential oils were used by “mystics or ”wise ones” to bring them into a state of deep relaxation. It is reported in numerous books the great seer Nostradamus used a tripod filled with nutmeg to bring him into a trance, in order to “see the future”.  Priests and priestesses would have used these oils in their rituals for appeasing gods, and spirits, or to “banish evil ones”.


Smells and sent are very personal things, take your time when choosing an essential oil. Firstly think what you want to use it for, and if you have sensitive skin! As just because something is natural doesn't mean it won’t give you a reaction! Make sure you speak to a professional, and never ever put essential oils undiluted on to your skin EVER!!!


Essential oils are used to connect with the angelic realm, and some essential oils are associated with particular Angels. However as always, I don’t believe it is necessary to use anything other than yourself and your intention to connect with God or the angels. But as humans we do like our little rituals!! So below are a few you can use. You should be able to buy most essential oils from your local health store or pharmacist. Do try to buy good quality ones, as they will last you longer, and will be much purer.




You can burn these lovely oils if you are doing a healing meditation with Arch Angel Raphael. These oils can help you release wounds of hurt anger, and forgiveness in your heart. Use in connection with your meditations.

See which ones resonate with you. Lavender, Rose Otto, Lemon, Neroli, Sandalwood and, Thyme.





You can use a wide number of oils to connect with Angel Michael, here are a few. They can help release fear, and self-doubt . Use in connection with your meditations.

Frankincense, Myrrh, Lavender, Tea-tree, Lime, Geranium, Clary sage, Sage, Clove and Rosemary.




 Use these lovely high vibrational oils to help you connect with Angel Gabriel, she can bring clarity to your dreams! These oils will help with guidance, and inspiration, Rose Otto, Neroli Spearmint, Clary sage, Lemon Verbena, Basil, Myrrh & Mimosa.


Archangel Raphael is known as the healing angel . His name means he who heals or God has healed. Raphael is a powerful  yet gentle angel who helps with the healing of our physical, emotional mental and spiritual bodies.He can be called to assist in the healing of animals as well. As always we all have a soul mission and sometimes that includes being very ill or dying from an illness. An Angel cannot interfere with our decsion.So even if someone dies from an illnes or "accident" it is all part of their souls mission. Raphael works very closely with healers, he can guide them as to what treatment is needed for a client and will help you with choosing healthful foods to eat.

Raphael is known to work with the fourth ray of the rainbow which colour is green and governs the heart chakra. Raphael is sometimes shown carrying  a caduceus or as a pilgrim carrying a large staff and a bowl of healing balm. Use the colour green to bring harmony and peace into your body. Green encourages personal  growth and acceptance. It is the colour of nature. Call on Raphael whenever you are in need of healing at any level.

Raphael works very closely with Arch Angel Michael as well. So if you are clearing and cutting ties, call in Raphael to fill you with golden and green healing light. Raphael was also known as the angel to call on for safe travel. You can call on him for this as well!!


Angel Sandalphon is said to have been one of two angels who were once mortal men. He is said to have been the prophet Elijah. The other angel is Metatron Sandalphon gathers our prayers and brings them to heaven. He is said to calm down dangerous or angry situation by pouring his turquoise light upon the people or situation. As Sandalphon is a caretaker of the earth he also uses natures colours to help heal your emotions and physical needs.

By bringing balance and stability into your physical being. Sandalphon helps you integrate the earth star chakra which is below your feet (in the earth) Sandalphon can help you fully connect with this chakra grounding you fully into your spirituality which is vital for uniting your spiritual self into everyday life. Sandalphon can help ease any addictions from food, alcohol, Tabaco, drugs etc. Call on Sandalphon whenever you feel ungrounded or out of sorts. Allow your root chakra to ground down deep into the earth and connecting with your earth star chakra. As Sandalphon is also associated with music he is great to call on to boost your musical talents, and he can aid your creativity especially childrens!! A beautiful, gentle and power angel who can help you to live in a positive and grounded way. 



Arch Angel Zadkiel, whose name means Righteousness of God, is said to rule Jupiter and the sixth heaven. It is said Zadkiel is the angel who stopped Abraham from sacrificing his son Isaac on Mount Moriah. Zadkiel is known as the bringer of wisdom, abundance, self- transformation, spiritual growth and cosmic alchemy. Zadkiel works with the crown chakra which sits at the top of your head. It resonates to the vibrational colour of violet. Just by using this colour and breathing it in and drawing it down into your crown can put you in a state of calm. This violet ray is said to “cleanse and purify anything it touches” making it a wonderful tool to cleanse mind, body and soul. Call on Zadkiel to help with any of the above you can use the crystals lapis lazuli or turquoise, to help connect with Zadkiel’s energy in meditation. For a simple meditation you could lie quietly on the floor or sitting comfortably in a chair, feet flat on the floor, and just visualise this beautiful violet ray of colour pouring in through the top of your head. Breathe in the colour; take your time, see it come alive before you. Draw it down into your body allowing it to move freely healing and clearing and cleansing as it moves down your body, See it flowing over all your organs, gently releasing any tension or upsets. You only need to do this for a few minutes. When your finished open your eyes take a deep breath in stretch your arms up, and make sure you feel grounded and connected back into the physical world. You can cross your arms over your thighs for a moment and see huge roots coming out the soles of your feet rooting you to mother earth.


If you are looking for some extra guidance regarding your career, then look to the angels to help you! There are a few angels you can call on see below. These angels will give you clear guidance, listen feel and observe. You will be given signs that can come in many forms. Be open and stay positive. Affirm that you’re are living and working in balance with your “dream” job.


Arch Angel Michael knows your Divine life purpose. Call on him to clear and expand your throat chakra located in your throat! He will give you the inner strength and courage to move forward and to trust the longings of your heart. By clearing your throat chakra you will be much more aware and clearer on your life mission.


Arch Angel Gabriel has been linked to the arts and all creative work, but in truth Gabriel can help guide you, to the right people, and you can use Gabriel’s wisdom almost like a manger.


Angel Camael can help you to stand firm, to bring you confidence and feel secure. He will boost your confidence and aid your self-esteem. Call on him to release your fear of moving forward. You will be empowered then to choose a path and direction.

Arch Angel Jofiel / Jophiel will aid you in making the right choice, when you are presented with many options.




Whether you love painting, drawing, cooking, decorating, dressmaking, writing or even gardening. There are some great angels you can call upon for inspiration. All these angels can help you tune in to your talents and give you the confidence to let your gifts shine.


Call on Archangel GABRIEL whose name means GOD is My Strength, to help you get organised with your writing, use her gentle wisdom to guide you and bring you inspiration. She can direct you on your path, finding just the right words of inspiration you need to get your point across. Gabriel helps to keep you focused and on the right track. If you have desires and dreams use Mondays to help contact Angel Gabriel as that has been assigned as her day through the years, but if you forget don't worry. Use the moons natural force and cycles as well to bring about your aspirations. Gabriel will work with your intuitive right brained power allowing your true potential to rise forward. You can also use Moonstone and Citrine to connect with Gabriel.


Call on Arch Angel JOPHIEL whose name means Beauty Of God. This is the angel to call on, to beautify your thoughts and creative space. She encourages you to go outside in nature to connect with your spiritual self. Jophiel brings a sense of fun and excitement with her as she is delighted to spend time with you, encouraging you to see things through beautiful eyes. She can help turn a space into a positive vibrant area where your creative or latent talents can shine through. You can use deep pink crystals to help you connect with Jophiel, like Rubelite but again its not necessary!


Call on Angel TAGAS to help with musical projects and to find the music within you.Tagas can help you open up your voice to speak your truth lovingly. Tagas will work with the ultimate instrument which is you your own vibration! He will attune and refine your chakras so you can live in harmony with yourself and the world around you. Harmonize yourself with the melody of life. Use the magical gift of Tagas to bring healing and passion into your life. If you want to learn a musical instrument let him guide you. Use music to enliven your soul and lift your worries away, even for a short while.