Holistic Living Wisdom 

Hi everyone, I thought I'd add another page full of different helpful tips, on all things spiritual, keeping mind body and soul in harmony. I will add things as they come to me or as I get inspired myself. Maybe we can learn and experience together!! Love and Blessings Trish

Christmas Crackers

Here is your reminder   don’t go Christmas crackers this year!!!

Yes holiday time and Christmas celebrations are meant to be fun happy times. Yet they can turn the sanest of us into complete fruit loops. Most of us bring unwanted stress on ourselves, by putting way too much pressure on. In truth there is no need. Preparation is key. Don't leave everything to the last minute ( she says wink wink) .Stress  and Christmas seem to go hand in hand. But it doesn't have to. Family gatherings, can bring arguments  over the stupidest things. And some sibling adults revert back to childhood and all the rivalry that goes with it. So your job is to remain calm, very calm, remain happy  BREATHE and enjoy yourself. Because guess what, it’s your holiday and your Christmas too! People are always going to moan, or find something to complain about. It really isn’t your problem is it!


 So what else can you do? Well for a start, no matter who comes to your home or whoever’s home you visit, ensure you protect your energy. For all my sensitive spiritual tribe you know what I am talking about. Surrounding yourself in light and protection is always a good thing. Declare that all negative energies bounce off you into light. Call in the big guns so to speak like Arch Angel Michael for physical and emotional protection, and Arch Angel Jophiel to ensure all conversations are kept light positive uplifting and happy. 

You can burn incense and clear the energies in your home as well before people arrive. I like to leave incense burning outside as well as inside ( usually by the front door). You can also use the uplifting fragrance of Orange essential oil, in your rooms in an oil burner (be sure to use a good organic one like Young Living or Tisserand) .Wear some nice lavender essential body oil to keep you calm and relaxed. Check out my protection sprays on the Heavens Help  tab you could always make those to use or even for Christmas gifts. Or perhaps you could wear a crystal pendant of Black Tourmaline. This keeps negative emotions from sticking to you! Again check out the Crystal Magic page for the best crystal for you.Prepare yourself mentally before anyone visits especially if you know this person brings a lot of negative emotions with them! Affirm to yourself that all is well, that you are happy and calm and you will face any negative criticism with a smile and some charm!. Most people want to have a good time at Christmas, and if there is someone being annoying or saying hurtful things. They are ultimately showing themselves up. You  be  the bigger person and keep calm. It will be pretty obvious to everyone else who is being hurtful!

Take time out from everybody when you need to. Go outside breathe in the air, go for a walk, play a game. Have a little dance, laugh, and cry if you have to. Remember the holiday period is only for a short while. Make it as enjoyable and fun as you can.

Angel Hugs and have a fabulous Christmas  xx 

Good Vibration

Do you like jewelry or is that a silly question? I like it, but I don't wear it very often, so I have been making an extra effort to actually wear what I have, because what is the point of having jewelry if you are not going to wear it!

Choosing jewelry is the same as deciding what to wear, you have to figure out what mood your in and what colour you need. I have quite a few "spiritual" pieces of jewelry now, some I have made myself ( my chakra bracelets)  some I have bought or had made for me. Like anything it is important to determine the vibrancy of the jewelry you pick. As always go with your instinct and see what you are drawn to. if you are using crystal necklaces make sure you cleanse them first as they will have picked up energy from the shop they are in or the energy around them. "spiritual" jewelry has different meanings to different people, so dont worry if you find that its meaning isn't the same for you. Spiritual jewelry has been used for protection, healing, and energy balancing for years. Many crystals or animal images have been used to ward off "evil spirits" or direct energy. Our ancestors made the most intricate pieces of jewelry ever seen, a lot of semi precious gems such as carnelian, citrine and lapis lazuli were used in many pieces, amongst others.

If you are looking for "spiritual pieces, maybe look at what crystal you are naturally drawn to, see my crystal tab, and take that information with you when shopping for some new jewelry. That way with a little crystal magic you can combine, power and protection with beauty! 



Power Of Symbols -  The Heart

Hi everyone I have been thinking about symbols again and how we use them in our daily lives. The most common one to identify with is the symbol for the  human physical heart, which is of course a heart! Now although the symbol we use looks nothing like the human heart, well maybe a bit. We have for for the most part connected this symbol to love and its many facets.

I have quite a few hearts dotted around the home, and some pieces of jewelry with hearts on them. I really do like them, but I realised that like most things I dont often stop to actually appreciate them or the meaning and energy they offer me.

So   that got me thinking how easy it is for people to connect with this symbol regardless of language barriers. When we give someone a heart or we receive a heart as a token or present. We immediately feel loved  appreciated accepted, and grateful. Its like an unspoken acknowledgement that we see and appreciate each other for who we really are flaws included!. We even let out a natural sigh or sound of awww or ahhhh. Which in fact helps to open up the energy of the heart chakra.

If you get a chance this week look around your home for the symbol of the heart, or perhaps buy yourself a lovely heart shaped mirror that you can look into often and tell yourself how beautiful and loved you are. Having this symbol in your home or workspace really can lift the energy of someone who is perhaps ill, sad or fed up. Connect to this symbol and see what it means to you and how it makes you feel. Does your heart chakra open further? Do you feel peaceful? Grateful, Loved or just calm? Share the deep feelings of your heart with some paper and pens. Get drawing, get painting or get writing!


Diana Cooper event March 13th

Hello everyone i just wanted to let you know about the amazing experience I had at the Diana Cooper event last sunday. Myself and my  soul sister and friend Gemma from ( soullight.ie) went along, with a couple of friends  for a spectacular ride. The day was infused with healings, Archangels, Ascended Masters, unicorns, dragons, music, song, laughter and more. I am still feeling the effects of the energy from the day, and I have been working on holding the energy and light within my own energy body for the week. I have found myself very energetic to very tired as my body get used to the new energy.

The day started off with us all connecting to our 12 chakras, which was mind blowing really. Most of us only work with our seven main chakras.Diana had us work on various meditations to open our hearts, and connect to our unicorns and dragons. Yes Dragons!! I did find it hard to get my head around that one. As you know I dont do airy fairy.But I soon realised that I needed to let go and to stop being so left brained  in order to just be and experience. Thats when the magic happened. Diana explained the history of dragons to us . Our dragons are usually associated with our star signs so if you are and earth sign you would normally have an earth dragon, if you are an air sign you would have an air dragon, if your were a water sign you would most likely have a water dragon.You get the picture. However she also said that sometimes when people meditate to connect with their dragons they sometimes have an opposite sign.Which a few people did find. So a earth sign may have an air dragon or a fire dragon. It really doesn't matter. As a Capricorn and earth sign I had an earth dragon. A very lazy one it seems lol.

Needless to say the energy was electric, and I will definitely be going again when Diana comes to Ireland. i would recommed her book which I bought at the workshop.It has all the meditaions on ascension within it and it explains the new energies that are entering our planet at the moment. So if you are interested do have a look. Diana's friend  Rosemary Stephenson was also there with her crystal singing bowls and magical voice. She played and sang all day  whilst we meditated. As you can imagine this brought in another dimension to the day.It really was magical. I bought two of her CDs and I haven't stopped playing them all week. I think my meditation group is really going to love them and benefit greatly from listening to them.

So if Diana's work or Rosemary Stephensons music is something you are interested in do  look them up.


Feb 28th 

I am very excited as in the next couple of weeks I will be attending a Diana Cooper workshop in Dublin. along with some of the ladies who come to meditation and a spiritual soul sister of mine,. We shall be heading off for a day filled with Archangels and magic. In the work that I do and the person I am. It is very important for me to attend workshops that resonate with me, or in other words what I feel I am guided to do. This workshop filled me with goosebumps as soon as my friend mentioned it. I have never met Diana Cooper before and although I use her angelic meditation cds a lot, I have  not really followed her work. So it was a big surprise for me to be feeling that I had to attend this. I have needed something like this for a long time, and I have been asking in my meditations to guide me to something that will give me a much needed spiritual boost! I needed something fresh, something new, something that will keep me improving and filled with inspiration and a zest.So naturally this got me thinking where are you getting your spiritual nourishment from? I am talking in the physical sense, as we are all connected to the Divine at all times. But what are you doing physically to keep you feeling full up with light and love and spiritual fulfillment? Where are you getting inspired, hopeful, and full of wonder? What can you do to feel connected everyday to your magnificent self? 

We all need help at times in this department, especially if we are sensitive compassionate souls who are always ready to help others.But this willingness can take its toll if we are not careful. It is very important to take care of ones own needs and spiritual self in order to be of service in the world. If you need a boost, and a long term spiritual plan to carry you forward. Make sure you invest in yourself. Everyday sit in silence even for five minutes. Speak with yourself, Tell yourself how amazing beautiful and worthy you are. Keep an eye out for courses, clubs, workshops , websites, books, movies, songs, and activities that inspire you and help you reconnect to your Magnificent Self. Keep exploring, keep expanding, keep being YOU.  YOU'RE WORTH IT!!

I would love to hear what your are doing to keep Mind Body and Soul together, drop me a message, perhaps we can share it here.

Angel Hugs T xx

Just BE


This is a gentle reminder for you not to get bogged down with unnecessary expectations. Far to many people put pressure on themselves at this time of the new year, into achieving unrealistic goals. How about having no expectations and allowing adventures and curiosities to unfold for you!Let your creative side out to play and let it lead your way. If you have any goals that you want to achieve for the year. Then I am all for that. Just don't feel the pressure of achieving or doing because thats what everyones is doing. You may be quite happy with the way your life is, both professionally and personally.So  I say do not be pushed into doing anything you do not have a heartfelt interest in, and especially if it is not going to expand you in any way. When you force anything it drags you down energetically, and we do not want that. Maybe you could just set intentions for each month, like my spiritual new year guidance from last year.It still stands as a positive and motivating list  you can use to motivate your own desires. Whatever you do, as the wonderful Dr Davies says JUST BE

Angel hugs 

Copyrighted to Doreen Virtue
Copyrighted to Doreen Virtue

So I was asking for some guidance for us all over the Christmas and holiday period and I was guided to my Ascended Masters oracle deck. I pulled out the beautiful African Goddess OSHUN she is guardian of the rivers and waters.  Her message is to Drink more WATER, yes leave the vino alone for five minutes. We get all groggy, unclear and fatigued without water. Our irritation increases, we can get ratty, moody, tired and our skin looks and feels like the life has been sucked out of it. No one wants that look, unless they are a prune. Get yourself some nice water put a few slices of lemon or limes in it and drink it all up!  If you remember, do bless your water before drinking, if your haven't read The Hidden messages in Water by Dr Masaru Emoto, you should head to the nearest shop or online or book store and get it as it's fascinating! Water removes toxins and boosts our energy. So get to it this week and increase your water intake. The Goddess has spoken!

Angel hugs xx


Oshun helps women recognise their sensuality and beauty as well as boosting their self esteem and confidence when needed. oh and she helps with the flow of emotions get it!! If you need abundance  and lets face it who doesn't?Oshun is your lady.

 I love this Goddess she is my kind of lady.

Work Space Haven

If you are having trouble focusing on your work whilst you're at work, maybe you should have a look at your workstation. Is it a haven or a horror? I know when I worked in the office back in London I had to have a clear neat organised workspace otherwise I felt like a fruitloop! I had my crystals and the odd plant around me, just so I could feel more like me.

Make sure you check out the space underneath your desk. If anything is inhibiting your leg room, such as books, bags, boxes, waste paper bins, that new dress you bought, now is the time to move it!. Having things under your desk can actually make you feel trapped or stuck. So do a de clutter and feng shui your space from horror to haven.Make sure you are not sitting under any heavy or ugly picture frames, or pictures for that matter, as it can cause anxiety and give you a headache. You could place a nice plant or a picture of one of your favourite places to go near you. So when you feel a little fed up or tired.Just look at your beautiful picture of the beach or forest or water or whatever, and just breathe and imagine yourself there even for a couple of minutes. You will reap the benefits in the long run. Keep some positive statements around you, so when you feel like kicking that photocopier, or slapping the postage machine, you can smile and laugh instead!! Also check out the main elements of your office. Most offices have a lot of metal elements, so balance this out with wood, fire, earth and water. Bring in the fire element by using red cushions, wood and earth by bringing in plants, or even paintings with pictures of nature.

Allo Aloe!

We were given the gift of an Aloe plant recently. So I thought id share so info with you.

The Aloe plant is pretty amazing, they are great for cooling down the skin when we have burnt it in the sun and they are also thought to have special air cleansing properties. The pointed leaves are associated with fire energy in Feng Shui. So if you have a room that needs some fire energy, try putting this plant in the room. Aloe is ideal for kitchens, which is where we keep ours. Plus if you accidentally burn yourself on the oven or toaster, you can quickly break a piece off and rub it on the area that’s sore! Aloe is great for calming down the face. Use it by squeezing out the sap and smoothing over your tired sore or dull skin, put a couple of used cold teabags under your eyes or even some cucumber put your feet up, and chill for fifteen minutes! When you are done simply wipe off any excess sap with a damp muslin cloth.

Protect Your Energy

Picture copyrighted to Angela McGerr
Picture copyrighted to Angela McGerr

Hands up how many of you are feeling drained, tired, down or just a bit off? Our meditation group did a separate night last week purely for healing and clearing. I had two separate spaces, one outside in nature, and one inside. So many were feeling the effects of the above, it was very important that we cleared and healed our energies, before moving on to further inner work. Being aware of our energy is vital to our well-being. Most of us are unaware of how we feel, we can fail to understand or connect the dots so to speak. Sometimes the way we feel, isn't really about us at all. it is because we haven't protected our energy or set boundaries and we end up absorbing everything around us, pleasant and unpleasant.It is very easy to absorb feelings and emotions from others if we are not careful. Most people who are generally sensitive or openhearted, end up very depleted if they do not clear themselves regularly. It is important to find out if you are feeling drained because of another, or because of your own emotions. Our aura and chakras are incredibly sensitive, they are in constant contact with our environment even if you are not aware! Its worth working with yourself to understand your energy system.

So what can you do?

Here are some simple everyday tips to clear and protect your energy throughout the day.

Every morning when you have a shower, bath, or wash,as the water flows over you say something like

"I cleanse away all fear and negative energy from my physical,emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, I release all energy that is not my own into the light to be cleansed and transmuted. I call upon the mighty ArchAngel Michael to energise, seal and protect my energy throughout the day". Now visualise yourself surrounded from head to feet in a bubble of pure white light.Or choose a colour that resonates with you.You can even have the whole rainbow surrounding you. Check in with yourself in the day to see how you are doing. You can also run your hands and wrists under the taps and say " I release all negative energy that I have absorbed, may it be transmuted into the light for healing".Again surround yourself in light. Do this every day and especially when you have busy meetings or your are around lots of people. It only takes a few moments. See and feel your spine filled with light, balanced , healed and whole, allow that light to radiate through you, and breathe it into the space around you. As always thank mother earth, and Archangel Michael for their help healing and protection!

Also dont forget to allow any hurt to flow out the soles of your feet and into the earth! Keep yourself rooted, sending your roots down into the earth.It will help revitalise your energy. Make sure your root chakra is open, clear and grounded at all times!!!

Winter Warmer

Hi all here is a quick recipe for you, its a nice warming soup.Its my own so I hope you enjoy it.

1  small red onion finely chopped

2 large cloves of garlic finely chopped

2 medium carrots cut into small chunks 

1 parsnip cut into small chunks

1 medium sweet potato cut into small chunks

1 good quality vegetable stock cube

1 freshly squeezed  juice of an orange ( spanish )

1 bay leaf

black pepper to season

A good glug of good quality olive oil 

oregano to season

Fry the onions on a low heat until they become soft and clear add the garlic and all the vegetables, bay leaf and oregano, cook for five mins then crumble your vegetable stock cube over the vegetables, cook a few mins more. Add your orange juice. Mix in, Next add enough water to cover the veg.Cok until veg are tender. Remove the bay leaf.Then blend with a hand blender. Add extra seasoning if you wish.Eat straight away. Enjoy

Everyday Stress Protection

Here is a very quick meditation to help you feel grounded and protected.Try this every day for a week.You will feel a difference. Sit comfortably in a chair palms resting on your thighs, legs uncrossed feet flat on the floor. Close your eyes and focus on the middle of your chest, allow yourself to take several deep breaths exhale loudly, make a noise if you want to.Be aware of any areas in the body that feel tense, breathe into it, release.If you need to stretch then please do so.Do this a few times there is no rush.Then come back to centre of your chest ( heart chakra) breathe normally through the nose out out through the mouth.Bring your awareness to the soles of your feet, imagine long strong roots growing out the soles of your feet see them reaching and spreading deep into the earth, holding you and nurturing you.Let any negativity pass down through these roots into the earth.Now picture a rich red light  coming up through the soles of your feet, allow the light to come up your legs and into your root chakra at the base of your spine.Sit with this for a few moments, feeling the warmth and energy as it fills your root chakra. allow your breath to draw in the light. Now imagine a brilliant white light surrounding you in a protective bubble from your root to the crown.Know you are protected from any negativity.Fill this bubble or cocoon with white light.Breath it in.Stay with this flow a few moments.

Affirm "I am safe grounded and protected". Repeat this at least three times.Carry this out throughout the day, whenever you feel stressed or anxious.

PMS Blues

Please do not use these points if you are pregnant or suspect you are pregnant!!

For a lot of ladies pre-menstrual syndrome comes as part and parcel of their monthly cycle. There are a number of reasons why women get PMS, and as everybody is an individual, each person experiences differing emotions and physical symptoms.

We can however do a lot to improve our inner well-being and ease symptoms by using some simple reflexology.  I have listed some helpful reflex points you can use to ease symptoms. You can use all of the reflex points, or just work a few. See what feels right for you. I however use all of them when treating myself. I have included the spine reflex as well, this is because a lot of women get pain either in the lumber region or upper back.

I have coloured in the reflex points you need to apply pressure to on the picture.










Use your fingers and thumb to produce the right amount of pressure. You will need to start off with clean dry feet, it is not essential to put any powder on them. Follow the same routine for the LEFT FOOT.

1.Support your right foot on your left leg at the knee. Using your left hand gently place your thumb into the large pad on your big toe , use circular motions ( PITUITARY GLAND) and light pressure to this area for a few moments. This will help to balance the hormone levels and therefore lessen the PMS symptoms.

2  For the SPINAL REFLEX, move your thumb down the outside of your big toe and apply pressure all the way down to the base of your heal, follow the natural bone structure.(SPINAL REFLEX)Do this at least three times, it may feel very tender and sore!! Use the tip of your own thumb to carry out this movement.

3 Next take your thumb or forefinger and very gently and place it on the UTERUS REFLEX which is inside your foot diagonally from the ankle bone towards the back of the heel. This can relieve cramps. Use circular motions again gently as this may be very tender. Do this for a few moments

4 For the OVARY REFLEX,you will have to move your foot in order to reach the outside, so do what feels comfortable for you. You may wish to draw it up (your leg) beside you. Now move to the outer foot by the ankle again halfway down diagonally you will find the OVARY REFLEX, using your thumb or forefinger gently massage this point for a few moments. When you work this area  it will balance the secretion of female sex hormones.

5 Now gently move your forefinger across the front of your ankle where the leg joins the foot, here we have the FALLOPIAN TUBE & LYMPHATIC SYSTEM. Gently press into the this reflex point the whole way across to the inside of your ankle.

6 Again place Your right foot on your left leg and using your left hand apply pressure to your SOLAR PLEXUS & DIAPHRAGM reflex. This is just under the ball of your feet and runs across the whole sole. Work your thumb deeply across the sole and stop in the middle to work the solar plexus. Do this for a few moments. This will open up and relax the whole body, bringing stress relief, and releasing muscular tension and ease breathing

7 The KIDNEY REFLEX can be found by taking your forefinger down  under your second toe to half way down your foot.The kidney reflex  sits at the waistline of the foot. Again gently use your thumb to work this reflex, it may be tender, so go easy!  Work at a slight angle towards the inside of the foot. This will encourage efficient removal of urine, and will help clear fluid retention and remove toxins.

Remedy This Remedy That

Hi all, I thought I'd share some holistic remedies for the common aliments we get this time of year. As always please use your own common sense, and if in doubt go see your local amazing GP.


So coughs and colds, you know the symptoms, sore throats, runny noses, or blocked painful sinus, the list goes on. Try making yourself a steam inhalation.Its very natural and easy. If you don't have a large enough bowl.You could use the sink in the bathroom!! Add boiling water from a kettle and add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil into it. The oil contains antibacterial properties. Grab a large towel and hold your  for about ten minutes. Top up the boiling water if you need to.Place your forefinger and middle finger just beside your nostrils, and gently move in circular motions. You need a nice deep pressure,breathe in deeply.Do the same thing above your eyebrows. You will also get a free facial sauna at the same time how great is that! this method is great for those with mild asthma as well

Use manuka honey as well again it has antibacterial properties  and is very soothing for the throat. You can eat it using a spoon or stir it into a cup of boiled water with a slice of lemon and a slice of ginger. You can even add some crushed garlic into the water as well. Sage is also known to help soothe a sore throat.If you have fresh leaves in your garden all the better, again just add to boiled water, let it steep for a few minutes.You can add lemon peel to this as well.

For earaches you can use olive oil from the chemists please do not use cooking oil!!!. Warm the oil slightly and put a few drops into the ear. It will soften any wax and ease pain.

Dont forget your feet. I am a reflexologist and I love how working with the feet can help with all the above, so treat yourself to a session when you can.There are some great reflexologists out there. Otherwise, again you could bathe your feet in some mustard powder ( not paste!!) it helps to draw down fever from the head, when you have a headache or runny nose. Again please use common sense and do not use on babies or children!!.

Scent of Magic

As we head into the shorter days and darker nights, some ladies start to think about changing their perfumes to warmer muskier tones. I know I do. But I thought Id share a few "scents of magic" you can use around the home as the nights draw in. Our sense of smell is very powerful and is present at birth. It is this sense that newborns  use to connect with its mother and is also associated with the root chakra. A scent can lift your mood in an instant, or have you running for the hills. So as the saying goes follow your nose. You may find you want heavier muskier scents around you now.Or you may prefer a balance of citrus and woody scents.There is no right or wrong.Each person has their own preference.

To bring a cosy warm inviting vibe to your home, you could add nutmeg or cinnamon essential oil to your oil burners with a few drops of orange essential oil. Think Christmas and celebration smells all rolled into one! You could even fill a spray bottle with mineral water and add a few drops of lemon, orange and fig essential oils to lightly spray around the home. Do not spay on yourself or furniture!! Or you could use the old favourite by sticking cloves into an orange or even into a lemon, and place in your bedroom, or front room!

Remember also the significance of the number of drops used. Four is associated with the Angels, so 44 or 444 means the angels are with you. Or the number 8 is associated with money and infinity and success. Or you could use 3, which is associated with mind body and spirit. Go with your intuition. Get yourself the Angels l101 numbers book by Doreen Virtue, or just look up on the internet what certain numbers mean. 

Finger Tapping Fun

Here is a really quick and easy way to bring yourself back to centre and find that inner stillness and calm.You could even get your children to try it. All you need is your hands!  Sit comfortably legs and arms un crossed.Feet flat on the floor, and your eyes closed.Bring awareness to you breath. Dont try to change it just breathe normally.Come into your heart centre, and feel the love within you.Bring to mind a happy event where you are smiling, laughing, or have tears of happiness.Allow your heart chakra to open further. Now take your thumb and tap it along each of the fingers in turn, as you do this say " Peace is within me" or " I am peacefully centred" or "my roots are grounding". Or use use whatever comes to mind intuitively. Dont forget to breathe! while you do this, as the breath will carry you in to a state of calm and inner tranquillity. Do this for a few moments. When your ready open your eyes , breathe deeply and check your grounding. Even doing this a few times a day, will bring you into the here and now. Good Luck

Front Door Fun

You may not realise but the front door to your home is very important how it looks and how its kept. Its lets people know whether they are welcome or not!! It is in a sense the gateway to your inner world, your place of retreat and comfort.

So on that note remember the front door is protective as well as welcoming. Keep the energy outside free from dirt clutter and obstructions. In Feng shui a strong entrance to your home is important as this is a point where energy travels through! Make sure you have a door that is in proportion to your house, have a solid door if possible. Keep the door clean and free of dirt or cracks. If it is painted make sure it looks fresh, clean and bright. Do not keep your bins by your front door either.  When entering your home again don't leave coats bags shoes bikes etc in the way.The hall should be free from clutter. If you do keep flowers or pots by the door keep them balanced also one each side of the entrance. You could put rosemary by your door for protection and prosperity, and honeysuckle was used long ago to ward off "evil spirits" . As the leaves begin to fall at this time of year make sure you sweep them up regularly in order to keep the front looking nice and that you don't find yourself slipping on them and having a nasty accident!!

Hay Fever

As a lot of clients come to me with sinus or hayfever symptoms.I thought id write a little info for you. As with everything please use your own common sense, and go to the Doctor if you need to!


Drink water! Yes water.Did you know it flushes the pollen out of your throat!! it can help soothe away irritation. Also shower often, wash the pollen from your body and hair. If you are allergic to pollen your histamine production goes into overdrive. Pollen reactions include the classic symptoms of  making you itchy,and giving you a runny nose and sore watery eyes.Water is said to regulate the production of histamine, which is a compound in the body that fights foreign substances, like pollen! You can also try drinking teas which have a decongestant vibe to them!! Like peppermint or camomile. Also I have been reading that Apples, contain a chemical called quercertin which inhibits the release of histamine. so eat up your apples. Foods with high vitamin C may have anti-inflammatory effects as well. You could also go see a homeopath who treats like for like. 


Some quick re- energising  tips.

Eat some bananas for a potassium pick me up

Eat some almonds for a mineral rich hit of magnesium.

Bend your knees! Send your energy back down into the earth and stamp your feet, or go for a  power walk,Nothing better to clear your head and get energy moving.

Take time out for a meditation if only for ten minutes.Focus on your breathing and your body.

Stretch,yawn and move! it will help you become alert again.

Hydrate, drink water most of us never drink enough pure water.It will perk you up and is great for the skin.

Look at the colour red, it gives a boost of energy, helping you to get off your bottoms an complete or start your tasks. 

Diamonds Are A Girls Best Energizer

The Diamond is Aprils birthstone, and as a lot of women are magpies for all that glitters and shines. Here's a holistic way of using Diamonds. In years gone by way back in medieval times it was thought that diamonds would draw out toxins from the body while you slept!! Now I don't know many people with diamonds floating about for this kind of thing,but you can use clear quartz crystals for the same purpose. If you find a quiet space and hold a clear quartz for 10/15 minutes it will act as a detox-er, helping you to release negative emotions. Therefore leaving you a little more tranquil for the day. You can also dedicate a clear quartz especially for this task and have it by your bed at night.See how you react to it though as some people find the energy too high and then they cant sleep.Which is never good!! Be sure to cleanse and clear your crystal after so many uses. Check out Crystal Magic tab for info on common crystals!

Buena Vista Baby


Not everyone has the luxury of looking out onto a beautiful view.Not all of us live near a park, lake, trees, green fields or nature in general for that matter.The natural world holds deep healing and connection to our ancestors and the spirit realm.But importantly it connects us with our root chakras, keeping us grounded in the here and now, providing us with stability, security, confidence nourishment and much more.Here in nature we connect to the sacredness within, we recharge our batteries so to speak, we release that which no longer serves us, we reboot our systems and align with our higher selves. So if you are living in the city or unable to move about because of a physical impairment. Try to get a beautiful picture of nature that inspires you and fills your soul with delight. It could be of the mountains a beach scene, or the woods , maybe a waterfall. Whatever opens your heart and fills you with joy, surround yourself with these uplifting images. It will help you relax and calm your nervous system. If you have a favourite place or a holiday snap that you love, have that enlarged and put up on your walls.Breathe deeply and transport yourself within the picture use your third eye and let your imagination soar and the healing begin.!!

Moonstone & Turquoise
Moonstone & Turquoise


If you like or love crystals there are some great ones to carry with you,if you are going on journeys. You can carry moonstone,turquoise or yellow jasper to help you feel content while out and about. Turquoise and moonstone are great for easing worries.Wear them or carry with you to ease concerns about your pets or your home while your away.

Also you can use white or grey sage and smudge it all around you ( in a clockwise circle)and visualise a circle of light protecting you. You could also smudge the stick around a symbol/picture of where you are going.Visualise a perfect outcome and safe happy holiday or visit!

Sole Sensation


We are all born with our own innate energy and we also receive energy in the form of "Universal energy" which is used through our central power channel which runs from our crowns to the base of the spine. The energy we receive from "Heaven" can bring clarity, Divine wisdom and communication with GOD, also the gift of healing inspiration vision and clear guidance to name a few. The energy we receive from the Earth is a nurturing, stabilising, grounding force, keeping you in the present giving you the physical energy to live and go about your life. So how about going barefoot on the grass and allowing the minor chakras in your feet ( Plantar Chakras) to  open and spread the roots deeper into the earth. Allow the energy of the earth to reach up into your physical body , enlivening you bringing you zest and zeal and joyful energy into your whole physical being!! There are lots of energy meridian s in your feet, allow and feel the negative to discharge into the earth, any pain or upsets or unexpressed emotional distress to just leave and be transmuted by mother earth. Take good care of your feet, keep them clean, massage them, exfoliate and moisturise them, have some reflexology and keep them supple by doing little circle moments when you can.

Affirm - I am nourished and grounded by the earth. I am physically fit and strong. I connect easily to nature. I Love Life I Belong

Or come up with your own intuitive saying, which is in fact BETTER!!!