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Inspiration for January 1st 2017.

I shall leave you with this, as a reminder for us ALL.

We have so much to be grateful for. Often times we take things  and people for granted. it seems only when people or our comforts are gone do we realise what we have lost. Remember to be grateful every day for all we have and the people who brighten our days with smiles and hugs and kind words.

AngelHugs All x


I hope everyone enjoys themselves over the holidays, no matter what you do.

Don't forget to offer up some prayers for the world as it is badly needed. There are many that need our prayers at this time, and many people who wont be having a merry time. But we can do our bit by sending as much love from our hearts as possible , and we can be assured that the love will be received wherever it is needed.

Take good care of yourselves and go easy.

Much love AngelHugs

photo by P Jordon
photo by P Jordon

Inspiration for the week of December 12th

Hello Rainbowwisdomers,

The  Christian celebration of Christmas is nearly upon us, and for most people that means spending lots of time with family, and gatherings with friends. As a raised Catholic  I love this time of year as it represents the birth of Jesus Christ. Even though I am not really practicing any more ( i.e. going to church every Sunday) my faith is very important to me so this week I wanted to remind you to spread your love and gratitude and beautiful  light out to those less fortunate than ourselves. Knowing the beautiful people that you are I am sure you have already donated to charity, or send gifts to those in need etc. But you can also   light a candle or say a prayer for those who may have lost loved ones or parents at this time, or for those who don't have happy family homes to go to! We all have so much to be grateful for and many people have so little. So share your abundance around, and help make the world a brighter place. Even if it is a smile or hug that you share.

Have a great week Angel Hugs.



Inspiration for the week of December 5th. I have chose  an inspiration I wrote a long time ago. I thought is was very apt due to the messages from our Angel card reading.

Each of us is on a journey. A discovery of self. That self is always with us, it is shown in our thoughts, words, actions, and creativity. We hopefully evolve, grow, and delight in our own creation and appreciate all that we are. Even the bits we deem "bad". We often hear "spiritual teachers" talk about us not needing to search at all to find ourselves , as all is within us already. But I feel we mostly see ourselves in the things we do and say in a very human way . After all we are subject to our human emotions as that is how we navigate the world around us. Most  of us, long to be loved, heard,  and seen for who we are by looking externally at others for their approval or acceptance. This is a very human trait. Yet when we use this method to find out who we are, this rarely meets with a positive result!  We usually end up feeling worse about ourselves.

So here is where spiritual teachings proves to be  helpful. When we return to the self, when we look within to our hearts, here we find ourselves. Here we find the love and all the approval we ever need. Starting with self and truly beginning to love thyself is the key to all healing and harmony.

Go Well Have a great week AngelHugs .

Inspiration for the week of November 28th.

Here is a powerful reminder to look at everything or one you judge. Lets face it we all do at times, even if we are unaware. It is part of human nature. We need to be able to discern danger around us, but when we start labelling things or people , we step into judgement.

Look at where you spend your energy, look at who you think deserves your attention.  Then spend time looking at those people or situations you judge in a negative way. See if that judgement comes from a real sense of clarity about a person or situation  or is it based on fear?

Look to the  Whys. Why do you feel the way you do? what is it that you deem unworthy of your time or interest. Is it because of past experiences, is it true now?

 Dig deep this week. Unearth those judgements, see what are they really telling you about yourself!  It is only when we recognise all the parts of ourselves that we can become whole.

We all need mirrors to reflect back the parts of ourselves we reject or disown, or even the parts we have given away. If we believe that everyone is connected and that everyone is part of the Divine, then how do we feel about those who commit major trauma and unspeakable evil in the world? Questions for thought, much love to you all.

Have a great week  AngelHugs

Inspiration for the week of November 21st

Due to the  Angel cards we got this week I thought this inspiration was useful. Here is a simple reminder to bless and release those who hurt you, annoy you and offend you, this includes YOURSELF! Because lets face it we can become our own worst enemy at times. So it is very important to forgive ourselves.

It should be pretty obvious by now to you that those who cause you distress in some way are not really happy themselves. Unfortunately there will always be people who have nothing better to do than gossip and cause mischief.

However these Souls are showing us a lesson, they are showing us how not to be! They are also showing us the things we don't tolerate, and perhaps the way we are ourselves at times. Here is a simple yet powerful way to send love.In your meditations and prayers imagine yourself sitting by a beautiful lake see those that annoy you, including yourself in front of you. Affirm that you are letting go of burdens, resentments and jealousy's. See yourself filled up with a powerful light where no harm can come to you. Radiate this light all around your heart. Breathe it in and out. Feel the vibration of this light spreading out to those who hurt you or those that misunderstand you. Send them love and forgiveness. When you are reading open your eyes and get on with your day.

Have a great week AngelHugs.

Inspiration for the week of November 7th.

Hello Rainbowwisdomers,

I am keeping this really simple. Follow your own heart and your own unique path. Although we are all connected in a spiritual sense, we each have a  vibration that is uniquely ours. If we try to morph into somebody else it never really  sits as well. We can also become, lost not knowing who we really are, or why we are doing something in the first place.

If you want to work on yourself brilliant, but do it because its the right thing for you. Don't follow the crowd because everyone is doing it.

Make changes to improve yourself, to help you see more clearly and to get direction in your own life, because it serves you.

Listen to your own inner voice and your own heart. Know that being you is enough. Start believing in your own talents, gifts and beautiful self. Don't worry about what others are seemingly achieving because you have your own goals, dreams and aspirations. So get moving on them!

Do what you love and everything else will fall into place as it should in Divine timing. Go gently.

Have a great week AngelHugs

Inspiration for the week of October 30th.

Well Rainbowwisdomers we have Halloween tomorrow or today depending on when you read this, and although the real reason for this Celtic celebration has been lost in a field of commerciality. We can however still use this  time to reflect on and let go of anything holding us back. Take the time to see where you are fearful, because lets face it we all have fears. Let go of as much as possible.  There is no rush, but take the steps to recognise where these fears restrict you, or hold you back. Our fears are there for a reason, it is only when we look deeper we understand why they are there. Do not judge yourself, be gentle, be kind, and go easy! Remember  we are living a human life, with human emotions, we all make mistakes and we all regret things we have done or said. There is no need for more emotional punishment or blame.

On Halloween I usually go into the garden and meditate  in the evening and write down anything bothering me or any fears that need to be released. I usually say aloud "I now release such and such for my highest good and the good of all". I go down my list and let it all go. Deeply breathing and pausing for each thing.  I then burn what I have written with sage.  I find this very healing and very therapeutic. It also honours the wise woman in me ( hahah)!. I then put on a healing CD or just ask to be wrapped in Divine Healing Light. You can also do this or something similar.

Whatever you decide to do for Halloween or even the rest of the week. Have a great time, have some fun! smile,dance, and sing, because we have so much to be grateful for.


castlemarytr woods
Let GO

inspiration for the week of October 24th

Hello Rainbowwisdomers, here's a really simple yet profound inspiration. Nature teaches us many things, and the cycle of birth death and rebirth can be witnessed at any time that we look at nature properly.  For those willing to look nature can reveal her secrets to us. It is autumn here in the Northern hemisphere, and most of nature is retreating, hibernating or slowing down. The trees are shedding their leaves and retreating back into their roots. We too, can take time to retreat, reflect and move into our roots, to see what is nourishing us both physically and spiritually. Now is a time to let go of anything you no longer need or want in your life. It is up to you to decide what is working and what has run its course. Be like the trees and shed the dead stuff, in order for the new to enter into your life.

Have a great week AngelHugs

Inspiration for the week of October 17th

Shine Even When No One is Watching.

That's right Rainbowwisdomers! If you need an audience then it isn't genuine! Always do or say something because that's how you really feel in the moment, not because you are going to get praise, acceptance or a pat on the back. Shine because you can, Shine because your beautiful, Shine because that's who you really are. It doesn't matter if no one sees,  why? because you will know you did the right thing, and that is worth more than any pat on the back! When you express yourself purely because something stirred within you or because someone moved you, then your energy is even more powerful in that moment. The kindness, the forgiveness, the letting go, the enjoyment, the love that you give and share, is felt by the universe. Believe me it is seen and it is felt, and even more greatly received because you came from a place of pure love. So Shine Bright this week, be moved, and be the love you wish to see and feel in the world.

Have a great week AngelHugs.

By the way, does anyone spot the Dragon in my photo? see Diana Coopers website for information Dragon Energy.

Inspiration for the week of October 10th.

Its ok to walk away from things, people and situations that you just don't want, need or have an affinity to anymore. So many people are waking up to their own behaviour and how it is actually causing them more harm than good. They say madness is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome. But the truth is when you start healing yourself, whether, physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, you really do change and hopefully for the better. Your vibration lifts and you no longer want to be around those who once served you simply because you don't vibrate at that level anymore. you have shifted.  So a big thank you to everyone who brought you lessons, who mirrored your own imperfections back at you. Those who showed you the darkness inside, and the parts that were angry, horrible, envious, jealous, sad, etc. As now you have changed, now you are still continuing to grow and you know everything will be fine, because you have woken up to your own vibration and what you are putting out there in the environment around you. Energy is everything, and energy doesn't lie!

Inspiration for the week of October 3rd.

Hello Rainbowwisdomers. I was reminded today that wherever we are in this precise moment, is actually where we are meant to be. There are no coincidences where the Soul is concerned. We each arrive at the right place in order for our Souls to expand and grow. Sometimes we fight and push and pull when we find ourselves in difficult or upsetting situations. We don't want to be in them, and quite frankly I think that's a perfectly normal reaction. However in reality there is always a bigger message going on. When we find ourselves repeating the same mistakes over and over again, and getting the same results, of course we want to run away. The mere fact we are repeating is a definite answer that we are not growing, not learning and not expanding.

So I ask you to Bloom where you are planted. Do whatever you can to have gratitude for the lessons you are going through and learning from. Ask for help if you need it from the physical world and from your guardian angels and spirit guides if you are so inclined! Ask for a vision of your life, ask that you be granted the gift of patience and gratitude. Know that when you see the lessons, hopefully you will not need to repeat them again and again. Instead plant yourself firmly in the ground, and Bloom. You are exactly where you need to be right now. Breathe, All is well. You are blessed and loved beyond imagining.

Have a great week AngelHugs

Inspiration for the week of September 26th.

To err is to be human! We all make mistakes, we all wish we had not done something, or said something, or wished we had done something or said something. That is part of growth and expansion. No one gets away without feeling guilty at some point in their life. But the thing here is to see every trying experience as an opportunity for growth and expansion, instead of thinking why me? Why not you, although we are all special and unique in our own ways, that does not mean, we are exempt from difficult times, or traumatic experiences. Our Soul knows what it is here for, it knows what lessons we need in order to reach its goals. So anytime you feel yourself slipping into the why me mode. which lets face it can happen a lot! See it as an opportunity to expand. Look to see where the lesson is. What are you being shown? Learn to chance your mind set and realise that the world is not out to get you. Lessons are there to help you become the best version of yourself. Now don't be so hard on yourself, and realise that we are all just trying our best. No one is better than you, or worse than you. We are all just at different stages of growth and waking up!. Look at you life as a beautiful story waiting to unfold. You hold the pen and it is up to you what you write amongst the pages. Start to see how all the characters are fitting into your life and the blessings and gifts they bring along the way to help you grow and expand. Start to see each day as a blessing no matter what it brings. Not every day is going to feel like a summer day with sunshine and roses. There are going to be days when you cant even get out of the bed because you get so fed up. But believe me, there is a message there, and a reason to explore. Never give up on yourself, and by all means look back on the chapters of your life, but don't get stuck in the pages of the past. The now is waiting to be written.

Have a great week Angel Hugs .

Inspiration for the week of September 19th

Hello Rainbowwisdomers, I have an old inspiration for you.

Last week I was moved to tears and  frankly quite shaken by the news that over 44,000 Native Mustang Horses and Burros, were to be slaughtered in order to make room for more cattle and sheep grazing in the USA. As soon as I read the article and looked up the information on the website I realised that the only thing I could do was pray. If I envisioned all the horses being safe and well along with all the other thousands of people doing the same, surely something good must happen right?  I lit candles I asked for Archangel Ariel to surround the horses in protection, I asked that the board change their minds I saw all the horses living freely and then I let it go! It was then  that it dawned on me, these horses were showing us how far removed we are from nature, and how easy it is for many of us to dismiss and ignore, or decide that our needs our greater than that of the animal. I knew then that no matter the outcome, these horses were serving a higher purpose. 

I am happy to say that for the moment due to the mass objections by the people in America the slaughter of these magnificent horses has been put on hold for now!! 

So I ask you, when you think you can't make a difference, know that your positive intentions no matter how small they may appear, do actually help. Even if the outcome isn't what we expected. Even if people do not survive or "heal". Your love and your light touches the Souls and hearts of those involved. That intention is never wasted.The mere fact that you are adding love instead of fear makes the difference and that adds to the greater good.

Go Well, Have a great week AngelHugs 

Inspiration for the week of September 12th

Hello Rainbowwisdomers, here is your inspiration. Collect, Use and share the nectar of life. This simple inspiration is packed with love. There is so much love around us on a daily basis that we can forget how lucky we are. Most of us are lucky enough to have great families, and friends to talk with, and share good times with. Make a conscious effort this week to really be grateful for the people in your life. The people who are always there for you when you need them. Be grateful  for the strangers who open doors for you, or the person in the car who lets you in the lane or the stranger that gives you a smile.  Say hello, to the world around you and really feel in your heart how blessed you are to have loving supportive people around you. It is so easy to forget just how good we have it. So share your joy and your love this week and bring a little of your kindness to those in need of your loving heart and warm smile! 

Have a great week AngelHugs.

Inspiration for the week of September 5th

Dear Rainbowwisdomers! I think we should have this message posted somewhere we can see it all day long! How easy is it to get caught up in past memories or future  scenarios! Our mind can seem like its not our own as it hurtles through different things day in day out. We can cause ourselves so much unnecessary stress and anxiety. Yet if we come back to where we are, i.e the present moment, we can in fact gain control again. Staying fully present is really the only helpful and healthy option for us! 

If you need to this week week come back and read this. Stop and breathe long slow deep breaths. Send your roots down into the earth.Check your root chakra is it fully open? are you receiving the energy you need to continue your day? Breathe and focus on what your feeling. Acknowledge these feelings and see if are they helping or hindering you.

Have a great week AngelHugs xx

Inspiration for the week of August 1st

Dear Rainbowwisdomers, when we take the time to really look at ourselves faults and all, we get a clearer picture of how we think, act and react. Life molds us through experiences good and bad. We label each experience to fit our needs. We adjust, resist, flow, expand, detach, dismiss, and any other number of things to cope with lifes trials. The truth is, it is up to all of us to change the things we can about ourselves that we do not like. No one can do it for us. Yes we can be supported, but ultimately its down to us to do the work!.

To be objective and honest and realise that sometimes we have to let go in order to be the person we know we truly are can be really hard, but so worth it. Each of us have difficulties we have to overcome or learn to live with. Life is not a race. If you slip up, so what, just get back to being the person you want to be as soon as possible. Have some faith in yourself and surround yourself with loving truly supportive friends and family. Know your worth and keep moving forward. Take a look at any traits you have that you don't like and see where they come from. ( I have a whole list !!) Are they really you, do they really reflect who you are, or the way you think? Remember we are all learning, all growing all expanding and all doing the best we can, with the knowledge and experiences we have. We are all individuals, and we all have to be gentle and kind with ourselves, especially when we get things wrong. It is human nature to be imperfectly perfect! If you want to change something about yourself, then do it. In the long run, we all benefit from your light. Keep shining, together we RISE.

Have a great August see you in September AngelHugs xx

Inspiration for the week of July 25th.

Well this is a very simple inspiration, but how often do you or I really take the time to Listen feel Be?  Life takes over right? There are things to do, jobs to be done, food to cook, eat, dishes to be washed, people to see. The list is endless. But if we make some little differences to how we show up, our lives can run a lot smoother! Make a conscious effort every morning before you even get out of bed to listen feel and be. LIsten to the truths being revealed to you, listen to the guidance being sent your way for the day ahead. This is not your brain kicking in with endless  to do lists. This is your higher self or your guardian angel talking to you, and with you.  Feel the energy within you, how is it flowing are you relaxed, feeling joyful, excited, or sad. Find a way of connecting with yourself and literally feel your way through. Then simply be, not pushing, pulling, rushing or trying. Just be in the moment focused on the now. Breathe into your sacred space, breathe love into your heart, so it fills you up for the day, and surrounds your aura. It may seem  hard at first  but give it a go this week. Have a great week Angel Hugs

Hello Rinbowwidomers here is the inspiration for the week of July 18th. I am sending you ALL a Virtual HUG, we need it don't you think? Connect with your heart this week. What's happening in the Sacred Space within you? How are you really feeling? Where are you expanding, where are you holding back? Go gently and explore the wonders of your heart. What is your heart trying to communicate to you. Are there situations or people that you need to forgive, including yourself. Could you be more open, tolerant and accepting? Do you need to stand your ground and say no? Do you need to let someone or something go? Be guided by the wisdom of your heart this week. Listen to its gentle stirrings.

Have a great week AngelHugs.

Hello Rainbowwisdomers, here is this weeks inspiration for the week of July 11th. Yes yes yes, I was really moved and inspired by the inner nudging I was receiving today whilst doing all the readings for you all. More than ever we are asked to up our game so to speak. it feels like a really healing and spiritual week. Or a spiritual kick in the backside! I know I could do with it. We are facing so many challenges now on our planet and so many of us are being called to make changes in our personal lives, our work lives and on a collective scale. Are you up to the challenge? Are you making the necessary changes so you can align yourself with your spiritual soul growth? Remember you are an important link in the change. If you want to see change you have to be the change. You have to link in with your own power and inspire yourself to get up and be the person you truly are. We are surrounded by angels the Divine, and light all the time, we just have to tune in to it. As they say in star wars "Mat The Force Be With You haha).

Last week I was awed by the amount of Orbs I caught on video camera at my friends party. I could see bright green orbs flying around in all directions leaping here and there. I was so happy and I knew it was a sign for me, to keep connecting to the spirit realms, to really have faith and to trust. I have taken lots of pictures with orbs in them, but never live film, that I could actually see. It blew me away. So to you I ask, are you listening to your inner wisdom? Where are you being called to up your game,and make a difference? Start meditating, praying, singing, writing, dancing, cooking, drawing, talking,or whatever it is you do to feel connected to the power within and around you. And start finding your answers and start shining your light  even brighter to benefit us all. 

Have a great week Angel Hugs 

Inspiration for July 4th

Hello Rainbowwisdomers, here is this weeks inspiration. Set Your own Pace, Follow Your Own Guidance.

Yes you reading this, the one who doesn't see how, magnificent he or she is! I get it believe me, it takes time to appreciate yourself, to dig past all the insecurities and smallness. Not all of us are naturally confident, and that is ok. But know this, you being you is all you need to be concerned about. Why waste time, trying to be someone you are not. Who are you trying to please, or impress? Being you is a full time job. We need your light and magic in the world. Please go at your own pace, and do not compare yourself to others and think they are better than you, because they have this or are doing that. If you want to achieve something then go for it, because it feels right for you. Dont get sucked into something that does not serve you. We need everyone to be themselves, because the energy you carry is very specific, you have a mission this lifetime and that may include accepting yourself as you are! 

Start listening to your own guidance, start really tuning in to what you want and need to live a happy and productive life. Dont waste your time and energy doing things that are not really meant for you. Find out what is important to you, find out what makes you tick, really start appreciating yourself for who you are and what you bring to the people and world around you. None of us are perfect, and who would want to be perfect anyway? certainly not me. Dont fight yourself, and accept the mistakes that you make, dust yourself off, and get back to being you.

Have a great week. AngelHugs 






Inspiration for the week of June 20th. 

Hello Rainbowwisdomers, do you ever look back over your life and realize just how far you have come? Do you see the patterns, connections and experiences that have all led up to this point? You are in this moment exactly where you are meant to be. Every heartache, trauma, pleasure, success, disappointment, and joy have led you here. 

Your Soul is learning, growing, and expanding every moment. It travels with you and for you. No matter what has happened to you, for good or ill, it has shaped and helped you to grow, both spiritually and as a human being. You are remarkable so please do not forget that! We are all doing our best with the knowledge and experiences we have. No one is better or worse than another. We are all occupying  different levels on the road, and we all have different missions this life time. You are a LIghtworker, you have a message and a brilliance to share with other, whether that is nursing the sick, keeping our roads clean, getting mortgages for people or cooking up a storm. We all have a mission to bring love and light back to the planet, for ourselves, each other and the generations to come. We are making history right here and now with the choices we make. So yes YOU ARE THAT IMPORTANT.

Take time time to honour and appreciate how far you have come. Make way now for the new to enter your life (if that feels right for you). Keep in constant communication with your higher self and the wisdom within you.  You contain everything you need to know to help you in this lifetime and right now  Breathe with me right now, down into the depths of your being, let out a sigh. Can you feel the stirrings in your heart and belly? Breathe love into your heart right now. Breathe love until it fills you up. Thank yourself for travelling this far, for getting you to this place. See yourself shinning whole and filled with light.

Trust the process, surrender and believe in yourself, no matter how hard it may be at times. Remember we are all walking each other home, and we are all creating the levels of love and acceptance on the planet right now!

AngelHugs all have a beautiful week. 

Inspiration for the week of June 13th

How are we doing Rainbowwisdomers? What is going right in your life right now?How are you really feeling? Are you pretending all is well, or are you sharing and sparkling your light wherever you go? Who is around you encouraging you, or holding your hand? Where are you inspired or excited in life? Does anything need changing, do you need to change anything about yourself like your attitude? You have the power every minute of every day to change the way you see and perceive things. So if something is bothering you take steps to change it. Grumbling will only bring your energy down, and also upset those around you. Take time this week to literally smell the roses, and bring back a bit of sparkle and gratitude into your heart.

We have a beautiful healing week ahead, so it is important to focus on your energies and how you are feeling and what steps you can take to get back on track if needs be.

Maybe you could hold out a hand to someone else who is struggling at the moment and could do with your loving healing presence! Remember no act of kindness or thoughtfulness is too small. We all make a difference in each others lives even if we don't realise it. Sometimes we just need reminding.

Have a great week

Go Well AngelHugs 

Inspiration for the week of May 23rd.

Hi Rainbowwisdomers, this week get your groove on. Yes I want to hear that you are all shaking your booty, and letting your body lead the way. One of the quickest and safest ways to free your up energy and unlock stubborn emotions is to get the music on and get dancing. Well you dont even need music really you can move to your own music, The songs you like to sing to yourself! (lol) Whatever rocks your body dance wise, be like Nike and Just Do It. Im not talking about taking up ballroom or tap dance here. Which of course is great if you want to do that. But I'm talking about letting your body move you, and carry you. Its about letting the rhythm of your Soul speak to you. There are no excuses this week. Dance wherever you are able every day. Whether its getting ready for work in the morning, or in the staff kitchen when no one is looking! Get your groove on , and feel your mood and vibration kick up a notch or three!

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    Karen (Sunday, 19 June 2016 17:21)

    Such wonderful posts Trish xxx thank you so much for the guidance and support xxx

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    Jennifer (Sunday, 22 February 2015 22:31)

    Love your weekly inspirations Trish :) x

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    Thrish your inspirations are food for the soul and help to give a moment to reflect in this all go world that surrounds us .Thank you for sharing these special daily words of inspiration .Love Breda

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    Hello Trish, delighted to come across your website and your daily inspirations, they really do inspire me.Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent. I look forward to more! Love from Grace.

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    Enjoy reading your Daily Inspirations! Love the website, well done!

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    Love your Daily inspirations! Thank you for sharing your wisdom. x x

Thank you Karen , so happy to hear that the inspirations resonate with you. AngelHugs xx

Thank you Jennifer! I'm glad they resonate with you angel hugs xx

Thank you Breda, Im so happy you are enjoying them love  Trish xx

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