Sacred Space

Welcome to Sacred Space. Here is a place of healing and meditation. I hope that you will leave prayers or  positive intentions for loved ones, the sick, lonely, dying and for our beautiful planet. I hope  that this will become as place of peace and hope.Every prayer and candle lit has a sacred vibration and your unique offerings make all the difference. Every heart that is open and filled with love can and will aid the healing of another if it is for their highest good and in divine timing. Lift your thoughts and voices,  add your intentions to a brighter world. You make a difference no matter how small.So please fill this space with love and healing and let the light of your being fill the earth. Let every man, woman, child, and animal come to know  love, comfort and hope. Let each heart find solace and comfort.

Please remember to ask permission first if you are requesting a candle or prayer of intention for someone other than your self!


Love Light and Angel blessings Tricia xxx

Daily World Healing Meditation

unknown painter\artist
unknown painter\artist

Take a few moments every day to tune into the energy of the planet. There is so much focus in the media on everything that is going wrong, that it increases  our attention and worry . We cannot deny the the pain or suffering of anyone on the planet any longer, but by focusing on the light we can help ease the suffering of all. Everyday, even right now.Take a moment to focus on your heart chakra. Breathe into the space.Imagine a beautiful flower, perhaps a pink rose. See it open and expand, smell its aroma, breathe it in. Now see the earth, and its beauty, all the countries and people in the world. Acknowledge the pain and suffering of the world right now. Ask that Divine light transform the hearts and minds of those who would cause pain destruction and war. Ask for love to be poured into all war zones, to all those in need, all those who are sick, lonely, dying, or in pain. Fill the whole world with Divine light and light from your own heart. See your love flowing down into the rivers and seas, into the animals and plants, into villages, towns and cities. Feel the difference you are making. Keep adding light and love. Fill yourself up with this light and know and feel your Divine connection to all. Your light, your love make a huge difference to us all.

 When you are ready thank the Divine and come back ready to continue your day.



Come and sit me me awhile wherever you are.In this moment we are united by our hearts. Fuel the passion in your heart to send Love out into the world, really connect with feelings of love and joy. Bless the world with your light and see and feel it spreading across time and space for all eternity  to reach where it is needed. Your intention and love is a powerful tool. Create a sacred space of healing and light, fill the world with your love. It is what we need. Feel where your love is needed and sent it there. Every once of light is needed to lift and raise the vibration of each other and the planet.  Do this in Love and Light Love and Light AMEN so be it

Angel Hugs xx


 Just a little reminder, as you never know who may need the beauty of your smile. I was at a funeral this weekend, and even though it was heartbreaking, there were so many loving smiles shared, and beautiful hugs and tender moments.

That it was impossible not to feel the love and healing shared between people.

So even though it may seem a very simple act.Smiling really is powerful.It really does bring people together even for a short while. Do not forget to share the power of your smile to brighten not only your day but others this week as well. You never know whose heart you will touch. Take time to smile at yourself in the mirror, and check out those pearly whites! Tell yourself how fabulous your are and how much you are loved, then bring that love and energy with you wherever you go.


Below is a simple meditation to ground yourself and your energy.It is very important to stay grounded through out your day and stabilise your energy.Whenever you are feeling a little overwhelmed or unsure this quick meditation or visualisation should help you to feel more connected and able to deal with the things you need to!! You can spend as long as you like doing it.

Ten Universal Values

Below are the ALASKA NATIVE Universal values taken from the Alaska Native knowledge network. I wanted to share these as I found them very beautiful and wise!




Each person has a special gift



Giving makes you richer



You are a reflection on your family



You cannot control many things



Some things cannot be rushed



What you do will come back to you



You cannot live without them



They show you the way in life



Many things are not known



All things are related


Healing Prayers

Below i have written some prayers for you. With Divine timing they will find you when you need them.

Sacred Mother hold me in your arms

I am weary from life

Give me the strengh 

Sustanance and confidence to move forward

Hold me in your bosom and hold me tight

I ask for your blessing I ask for your love

I offer you my thanks my heart and my love

Fill me once more with renewed energy and zest for life

I have lost my way and I am in need of compassion & love

I offer up my pain and I release to you

Sacred mother hear my prayer

Bring me clarity direction & purpose

So once more I will rise again

In Love & Light In Love & Light In Love & Light AMEN

Divine Creator 

I offer up my heartfelt thanks

For all the blessings in my life

I am filled with love & gratitude

The beauty that surrounds me 

Fills my heart with joy

I am blessed at every turn

Divine Creator you have made me in your image

I am a reflection and part of you

I am the beauty and the light

Thank you for making ME

In Love & Light In Love & Light In Love & Light AMEN

Blessed Christ

Bathe me in your light

Fill my body with your love

I seek shelter in your shadow

Bless me with your grace

Fill me with forgiveness

Help me to shine my light

Walk by my side blessed Lord

And enter my heart

Guide my footsteps

Help me let down my burdens & release my sorrows.

Blessed Christ raise me up

Fill me with your healing presence 

Blessed Lord Help me to be grateful & to see the blessings in my life

In Love & Light In Love & Light In Love & Light AMEN




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  • #6

    M D (Tuesday, 17 November 2015 12:08)

    I am praying for all the Parisian and French Muslims at this time. That all the light that has entered the world lately will influence the intelligence of us humans in our reactions to the recent tragedy. Amen.

  • #5

    M D (Tuesday, 17 November 2015 12:04)

    My goodness, how beautiful. Wow. I will be coming back to this space. It's so special!

  • #4

    Karen (Monday, 16 November 2015 12:32)

    I pray that my heart and everyones' hearts will be filled with love. I pray that daily I can tune in to my divine love, my heart and live from a place of love. I pray this will be for my highest good and the highest good of all I meet. I pray that each person lives from this place of sacred love and that together we revel in the universe's divine loving energy xx

  • #3

    Edel (Monday, 16 November 2015 11:26)

    Love, Patience and Tolerance for all beings on our planet is what I pray for. I want the same three things for everyone else as I would like for myself - health, wealth and happiness. Fill the hearts of those responsible for the Paris attacks with LOVE for their fellowman, woman, child of this planet - along with all the souls of animals. Shed glorious divine light into the souls of those locked in hatred and prejudice. X

  • #2

    Claire McCarthy (Sunday, 15 November 2015 22:02)

    I would like to pray for all the people killed in Paris on Friday may they rest in peace and for all the injured for a speedy recovery and for all the people who live in Paris that God will help them through this difficult time

  • #1

    Grace (Sunday, 15 November 2015 21:06)

    Hello I would just like to say thank you for creating this space, I come here when I am feeling a little stressed at work.Reading the prayers and doing the meditation really helps me to calm down and connect with myself.

    Blessings Grace