Hello everyone I have made you a daily affirmation calendar for the month of January along with a prayer I wrote. Please download for yourselves.

I hope you find it helpful.


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I embrace all that the

New Year has to offer



I lovingly listen to my inner guidance



I am grateful for all the beauty and goodness

in my life



I make conscious positive changes

in my life




I spend time with people who lovingly support me




I love my body

and I move freely



I use the aroma of essential oils to boost my mental and emotional wellbeing



I use all the colours of the rainbow to boost my vibration



I continue to adopt an attitude of gratitude




I use the power of water to cleanse my




I practice acts of random kindness



I smile and laugh to raise my vibration and of those around me




I dedicate my day to positivity and joy




I accept myself as I am

right now

All is well



I allow the positive vibration of music

to fill my Soul




I am enough

I am love

I am light

I am joy




I honour my emotions

I trust my

inner guidance




I attract loving

positive people and

experiences into my life




I trust in

Divine timing




I actively produce

harmony and union

in my life




I forgive myself and others for any cause of hurt



I eat high vibration foods and drink

I honour and respect my body




I respect all of nature

and its animals

I see my pets as loving Souls here to guide me



I respect the environment I live in

I do my bit to recycle



I consciously see

The Divine in

everyone I meet




I open my heart

to love



I leave love and joy

wherever I go



I listen

I really hear the needs of others and myself



I am dedicated to my spiritual development and awareness



I play I create I enjoy



I am grounded fully

in my body

I am safe










Every day is a chance to blossom and bloom into the beautiful being I AM


I continue to see the beauty and love within myself


And no matter what difficulties I go through


I will continue to love and respect myself


I am perfect as I am right now,


I am willing to release my fears and struggles


I know in this moment I am deeply loved and cherished


Everything about me is enough


I surround myself in warm loving thoughts and attitudes


I am kind to myself in times of trouble


I connect to The Divine Wisdom within me


I call upon my Angels, guides and The Divine to lovingly guide me


I am safe and at peace with myself


I will continue to do my best, and I will honour my feelings


I am grateful to my body and the wellness I create


I love myself and let go of all judgements.








AngelHugs Trish January 2017


Mindful Walking Meditation


When you see the word meditation, what reaction do you have? Does your inner eye produce images of a person sitting quietly  chanting away to themselves? Is it something you think only hippies do? Or do you run a mile thinking my mind is way too active to sit there for hours on end.

Well did you know that you don’t have to sit still to meditate? Have you heard of mindful walking meditation? Or dancing meditation? even washing up meditation!! The fact is everything you do can be a meditation. When you are consciously aware of your action and the environment around you, that is meditation. You dont have to be still and you certainly don't have to sit for hours on end! Unless you are monk,  or you want to do that!

It has long been proven how meditation can improve your mental functioning, and how you cope with day to day stress. Yet you do not have to sit down passively to meditate, I love nothing more than to dance my mediation. You too can walk or dance your meditation, and if you are an active person this sometimes works better for you. Below I have listed some of the benefits of mindful walking or running.

1 CONNECTION TO THE WORLD AND ENVIRONMENT AROUND YOU. In walking meditation you experience the connection of the environment around you. Your senses are actively engaged with the place you inhabit. Your sight, your hearing, your sense of smell or touch, your physical sensations and of course your Soul. Every breath that you take, every step that you take ( I can feel a song coming on haha) every conscious place you look and feel into, brings you closer to the environment around you. This allows you to not only see feel and touch the world around you, but your Soul delights in the fact that you acknowledge the bigger picture and your connection to life and everything around you. This is no small thing!


2 CLEAR HEAD SPACE. When you walk or run outside you allow your mind to clear to let go and find a space for insight and intuition to flow.Sometimes we get so caught up in the mental process, calculating every step and move to achieve.That we actually miss the insightful flashes that just may hold the key we are looking for.Going outside and allowing this process to unfurl, really gives us the space and time we need.


3 NATURE CALLS  When we really notice and feel the natural world around us, we connect to the elements within our own body. Earth, Air Fire and Water, and of course Soul and Spirit.  We naturally harmonize these elements when we go into nature. Just sitting by a calm lake can heal emotional turbulence, or sitting under a tree can ground us into the body, breathing in the air around us can equalise the mental body. Looking at the colours sights and smells brings us back to our ancestral roots where it was natural and normal to commune and respect the life force of the trees and animals around us. Ego is left behind and we are humbled and feel a sense of awe at nature's greatness. We can bring some of that power into our own bodies, to fire us up for the day or week ahead.


4 WALK THIS WAY . When you mindfully walk you actually feel the sensations of your body, you are able to feel where ache parts, or are stiff. Getting out of the head and into the body, will reveal insights about your inner world you never realised existed.


5 CONCENTRATION  STATION. Mindful walking actually improves your concentration levels. If you are out walking in a busy town or city, you have to keep bringing yourself into the present moment, fully aware of everything around you, yet remain in harmony with yourself. It is natural for thoughts or sights to fill your mind. Yet you learn to let them go, like a balloon floating up into the sky. Over time you will find this becomes easier the more you practice.


6 INTENTION. Mindfully walking can bring you clarity around your desires and intention. Ancient Indian Vedic script tells us that focused intention and attention is called DHARHANA. Meaning  that we have control over what we give attention to. When we learn to utilise this innate power we can transform our lives.



7 PRESENCE. At times it is possible to transcend into a place where time seems to stand still, where we feel the presence of the Divine the universe and our place within it. We glimpse the beauty of our Soul our ATMA DARSHAN

So go well, and allow yourself to fully connect with the beauty and wisdom within and around you, next time you go for a walk or a run, or even a meditative dance!



Angel Hugs xx

Just Chill

I have been thinking about how we multitask  even when we do not need to. Especially, when we are at home and not in work! Does anyone else experience this or is it just me? I have noticed at times I start one thing, and go off and do another whilst continuing to go back and forth completing the first task. This mainly occurs whilst I am carrying out household jobs, but it can be when I get bored waiting for something to start, or finish or filled up etc. I caught myself doing this the other day and I thought Im at home there is no rush, no deadline. I can just chill and do one thing at a time. So I have written a list, or how to just chill  when carrying out my household chores. Hopefully I will stick to them!! Pigs can fly right? haha


1 Most important  Do ONE THING at a time

2 Focus on the TASK at hand

3 Take your TIME do it Slowly do it PROPERLY

4 Choose the most important task to do first

5 Take a BREAK  if you need to

6 Turn COOKING and CLEANING into a meditation

7 Turn the MUSIC UP


Sunrise and Sunset

The power of sunlight has been used for centuries for its curative and healing attributes. Of course in today's age we recognise the need for protection from the suns rays. Yet our ancient ancestors understood the healing and restorative qualities. If we manage to wake up before dawn! the suns natural colour formation corresponds to our lower chakras, i.e the root sacral and solar plexus.If we soak up this light in the morning, its healing rays will ignite our roots with energy and fuel for readied action throughout the day. The sunset can be used to calm down our chakras, helping us to restore and sleep better and prepare us for rest.The sun as it goes down flows from the yellow of the solar plexus down the orange of the sacral to the red of the root.It all makes perfect sense!! if we are sensible and take care of our skin properly and do not abuse it, we can in fact benefit from the suns rays.We need it for vitamin D we need it for the hormone serotonin If we manage to wake up before dawn! the suns natural colour formation corresponds to our lower chakras, i.e the root sacral and solar plexus.If we soak up this light in the morning, its healing rays will ignite our roots with energy and fuel for readied action throughout the day. The sunset can be used to calm down our chakras, helping us to restore and sleep better and prepare us for rest.The sun as it goes down flows from the yellow of the solar plexus down the orange of the sacral to the red of the root.It all makes perfect sense!

We can also use the light of the Moon and Starlight in a similar way. Nature has always followed the natural rhythm of the moon's cycles.We ourselves use it as a guide for harvest and planting.The moon has long been associated with the feminine and fertility. 

the evening prior to a full moon is a great time for recharging your crystals, your water, your oracle cards or oils etc. The full moon is great for releasing,If you write down anything that is holding you back or that which is no longer serving you do it on this night. Then burn it the paper after. The new moon is great for manifesting .Meditate or pray on your dreams, goals aspirations etc, call on Archangel Haniel or Gabriel. Ask that they work on behalf of your highest good.

The half moon,is symbolised by a bulls horn and its a sign of power. Scoop up the energy like the bull . Make a commitment to move forward fearlessly.Call on Archangel Michael to boost your courage.

Use Starlight to open your mind and connect to your imagination an creativity.Bath in its mystical magical light. Remember we are souls filled with light, we live on a planet that is spinning around in space.We have light sources surrounding us. These sources provide light and heat they are designed to support life! When you add in love to the mixture anything is possible. Dont forget this is why we say in love and in light, the combination is extremely powerful.


Affirmations are a powerful tool to use in order to bring new and positive influence to your subconscious. Always affirm in the present tense. I am or I have, as words spoken in the present have the power to change your internal " floppy disc". Say your affirmations daily using your own words as they contain your vibration and your feelings and intentions more powerfully. Give it ago for the next month at least twice a day. When you affirm that your are or have something already even if you dont.You subconcsious doesnt know this and it is tricked into bringing forward the vibration of what you desire or something even better!! See positive thoughts below.

Emotional Healing Detox

In our fast paced world we often don’t realise how situations, people places and things can become toxic to us. Now is a perfect time to take a real stocktake of your life and how you are feeling!! Are there any situations, or people that you need to let go of? Are there any habits that really need to stop? If so take time out to write down the people, situation and things in your life. Take each person or situation one at a time. Write down exactly how they make you feel. Now make a list of positive influences in your life. Compare your two lists. Don’t over think this let your intuition guide you. Now you have a chance to see where you need to let go or what you need to do more of, because it brings pleasure and joy. If there are negative influences like toxic friends, alcohol, food obsession, bad romantic relationships etc., try counselling to get to the root cause of the issues. Are there people or so called friends in your life who love to put you down or make you feel small or that you can’t cope?? Well now is the time to release and let go or at least limit your exposure to such negativity. You deserve friends who truly are friends! who appreciate, love, encourage, and respect you. Nobody has time to feel horrible, why waste your energy, make time to love yourself and spend time with positive people who see how great you are! If you find you are struggling in a job you hate talk to your boss is there another position that would suit you better? If not start looking about for a job you know you would love. When you look at your emotional self honestly and take responsibility for your emotions you can start making changes and start living the life you deserve!!

If you have dreamed of doing a course find the time and money to make it possible. The more you get in touch with your emotional self you will realise just how much stuff is really there crying out to be heard. Dont waste your time being upset and miserable when you have the tools to make changes no matter how small.






 The SMILE. There is nothing nicer than a smile, it can mean so many things and bring so much laughter and joy. So what would it take for you to smile more. I know I don't smile that much, I tend to wink though! or nod my head to say hi. But the smile really does improve your mood. Feel good chemicals such as serotonin are released, instantly giving you a boost. Smiling makes you look happier even if your not having a great day.Fake it till you  make it( me thinks!!) When you smile people automatically think thats a nice person and will be drawn to you. Also the people around you will mirror your smile, creating a chain reaction of sunny grins and smiles!! A smile can help you stay in the moment and enjoy the present situation.Smiles can encourage conversations with strangers and let people know your ok!

So make it your mission to smile at everyone today, see how you get on

Mind Space

When you get stressed or upset your mind can race around, causing you distress and turmoil. You can help yourself by accepting your emotions in that moment.  Don’t fight your thoughts; a healthier option would be to give your thoughts a chance to express themselves. Get all those rambling worries out of your head and on to paper.

From here you stand at a great vantage point where you can find creative solutions instead of creating catastrophes. Write down what’s bothering you, worrying you or making you confused. By seeing your thoughts on paper and reading them aloud you then can see if they are actually true! Are they as big a deal as you think? What steps can you take to bring peace and balance back into your life? You may not be able to change everything or even get out of the situation you are in, but by emptying your mind, making order of your thoughts. You will immediately find the space to deal with whatever you have to. Remember true contentment comes from within, and that means looking to how you think about yourself and life in general!  Even if there is chaos around you keep yourself as calm and balanced as you can.Give yourself time and space. I know its easier said than done!!Your mental health is most important. How you deal with your emotions and your thinking process makes a huge impact on your health and your life. Slowly start to bring your focus on the positives in your life and not  the negatives. Every day make a point of being grateful for something. Every day try to do something that makes you smile or laugh. Feed your brain with a can do attitude and fake it till you make it. The power of the subconscious is fantastic it only takes a while for your brain to make new connections. Happiness or joy or even feeling sad is a choice. You can still experience a wonderful day where everything went well and decide that it was terrible if you really wanted to! You have the opportunity every day to change the way you look and see situations, people and things. You decide how you want to act in any given moment. Again easier said than done. But the more we become consciously aware of what we are thinking; doing, saying, makes a real impact on our lives. So we can change it for the better! Also remember what upsets or bothers you today, may not bother you in an hours time or even tomorrow. I said it before you are more than the thoughts rambling around your head!!

Write down all the positive and negative aspects about yourself, then go back over the negative list again and view it as a friend would. So if your negative list says lacks qualifications, is there a course you can do or would like to do.How do you go about making it a reality? Take your power back, clear your mind break down your fears or anxieties into manageable steps. Remember we are only human, we all have off days, we all get angry upset and just plain miserable.Thats ok just dont let those emotions take over and stop you from living the life you want to or let them get in the way of all the beautiful blessing already in your life.  Love Trish x

There is Always A Bright Side
There is Always A Bright Side


How much do you love yourself?Im not talking of a narcissistic sense of self. But a genuine deep appreciation of who you are warts and all. For a lot of people loving themselves is a scary thought, something that is too painful to look at and not something you do! Yet a great gift is to love yourself truly, madly, deeply, because with that comes honour and respect of self. It may be a cliche' but in order to love others you must cultivate love and compassion for yourself.Too often we give away our self respect and honour by not loving ourselves. Remember the way you speak about yourself is a direct indication to others on how they can treat you!

If you were to meet someone with your qualities would you be so quick to dismiss them? Or would you in fact think, wow that person is fantastic, they are so thoughtful, kind and generous.Take some time to list all the roles you play,be that,mother,father,sister,friend uncle,lover,employee etc. Now list all the qualities you bring to that relationship all the wonderful parts that make up YOU. Just by doing this it will soon become apparent how amazing you are.Begin to see all those qualities, that others love and admire about you. Cultivate these beautiful aspects of yourself and start to realise that you are doing ok. That you are a good person who is trying their best. Your heart is precious its beats only for you! Once you start to love yourself more deeply your heart chakra will open more fully allowing all the wonder of its beautiful gifts to pour forth. With that your heart will beat for humanity as well and for this fantastic planet.. That is something we need

We all make mistakes, we are all human and fragile at times, love and protect your heart, be kind to yourself and remember the more you can accept and love yourself.The greater your chances of being whole and happy. Instead of looking outside for love look within,and at the friends and family around you.There is always someone out there radiating the love back to you, even if its a kind word  a smile or a nod. Become the love you SEEK. Be the Love. You will soon start to see love smiling back at you.

Positive Thoughts

How you think directly makes an impact on the world around you and the internal world of your emotions, and physical body. The more you become aware of  your what you are actually thinking about yourself, situations and life in general.The better chance you have of changing your mindset to a more fertile, productive and positive way of being. How much emotional baggage are you carrying around in your head, how much time is spent thinking about the what ifs, or the should haves, or the im not good enoughs? How many of us are endlessly listening to the negative aspects of our thoughts and literally believing that they are all true till they become a reality!

So what steps can we take to become more positive until it becomes our reality!

The key is to look at our "programming" why do we think the way we do, what proof do we have for our beliefs. Where did they come from? Are these beliefs serving us, and to what end? Are they keeping us powerless and in a state of blame,where its everyones elses fault.Do we abdicate our responsibility of our lives?.


  How do we take our power back and look to the positive SUNNY SIDE UP approach to life. Well look around you, and within in you. Identify your emotions work with them and let them guide you to where you need to go. Be mindful. Once you know what needs to change you can begin to release unwanted thought patterns and emotions. You have the power to do this.Only you can take that step and the steps that follow.



One effective way to improve and change your thoughts is with the use of affirmations or mantras. Affirmations work on the subconscious level, and over time they replace outdated models of thoughts or beliefs that no longer serve us. Affirmations are positive statements that are based and spoken in the present tense. For example I am healthy, happy and full of energy. You could record your affirmations and play them at night as you go to sleep or have them playing on your head phones as you go to work.  There are many fantastic subliminal CDs out there that you can buy.You can also write your affirmations down on cards and place them around your home or close to a mirror where you can look deep into your eyes as you say them.


Remember to acknowledge the positive things people and activities in your life. If you are in such a place where things are difficult for you to see the positive, you can start by saying   I am grateful for the clean water I have to drink or, I am grateful for the clothes I am wearing. There is always something to be grateful for no matter how small or trivial you may think it is. Never repress or deny your feelings, and be gentle with yourself. Over time it is possible to cultivate a sunny positive outlook. That doesn’t mean you won’t face challenges but you will have developed mechanisms to help you get through.


 Some Ideas to get you started


1) Raise your vibration!! Everything you focus on becomes bigger so instead of thinking about what you don’t want focus on what you do want.


2) Smile. Smiles are like boomerangs they always come back. Show the world your pearly whites. Sometimes your smile has the power to lift someone else’s spirits as well as your own.


3) Pay it forward. How about paying for the person’s newspaper behind you or for their sandwich!


4) Sound healing, what are you listening to; fill your environment with uplifting music. What sounds are around you. Do they irritate or soothe you.


 5) Do what makes you happy. Place your energy in to cultivating activities that interest you, that cause you to be inspired and full of joy.


 6) Surround yourself with positive friends and people who inspire and encourage you


 7) Get out in to nature it is the greatest healer of our emotions.


8) Create your own haven, no matter where you live create a space that reflects you. Fill it with fragrance, colour, flowers sound and light.


9) De clutter your home or place of work. Get rid of anything you no longer have a use for. That way you create a space for the new energies to land!


 10) Leave a gift somewhere in town or in the park, such as an inspiring book, a beautiful plant, or a bag of crystals even your best cake recipe for the next person to find.

11) Laugh, use laughter to release stress. Laugh at yourself,because your pretty funny!

12) Excercise ,get moving, get motivated. Dance around your bedroom, do what it takes to get energy flowing again.