I was reminded of movement, when I took a look over at the years spiritual guidance on the Sunny Side Up tab today. September was all about movement. So here are  some wonderful exercises to  improve the flexibility of the spine, and to remove toxins and bring you increased energy. Of course you do these at your own risk, and if you are unsure, please speak to your Doctor. I share these exercises with my massage and reflexology clients. The health of our spine is down to its flexibility. So it is important to keep moving and stay as agile for as long as possible. We will feel the benefit as we age.


1 sit in easy pose, that's spine erect, legs crossed in front of you and your hands resting lightly at your ankles. Take a few moments to sit comfortably on your bones ( your bottom) Let out three deep sighs. Next say the words peace, peace, peace, shanti, shanti, shanti. Now take three long deep breaths in, let out a sigh with each breath. You should feel a release already. Now move your back forward and as you do breathe in, as you come back breathe out, do this up to ten times. Go at your own pace speed up as you wish. Now come back to centre and  gently move in circles, first clockwise, then anticlockwise. This flexes the middle of your back and is known as the Sufists grind, again go slowly building up your speed.

Do this as many times as you want, or when you remember, it is great for keeping you supple, or for topping you up in between your regular exercises! Plus we are creating more energy, and we can also deepen our awareness of the chakras in our back! This is important as most people only focus on the chakras in the front of their body!


I have written some chakra affirmations. Use these affirmations as you begin to work with the energies of your system.

Please take a few moments to read through the chakra affirmations. Each affirmation is directed at a particular chakra. Saying affirmations, whilst in meditation can help us to connect with the deeper issues or resistance that we find within. I encourage you to write your own affirmations, as they will contain the vibration and feeling of the things you want to release or improve on. Always state in the present, and from a place of joy and gratitude. No matter where you are you can recite affirmations in your head or aloud. If you are feeling uneasy at all, these affirmations can help you to find your centre. Take your time, and breathe with the affirmations. Let them slowly sink in. Allow them to fill up your energy centres. They can help to bring you into a state of calm and relaxation.

What Are Chakras?



Firstly we must understand that we are spiritual beings composed of light and energy. Our physical bodies are an outward sign of the manifestation of our spiritual being here on earth. Now I understand this maybe a hard concept to understand or believe in.

However in recent years it has become more acceptable to be open to the idea of spirit and our connection to the universe, and the fact that there may be more than this earthly life. If you truly open your heart as well as your intellectual capabilities, isn't it more likely that the you, which is your soul exists eternally? One human lifetime is a very short experience.

I read an analogy somewhere that describes life like the leaves on a tree, one leaf is one lifetime. Along the branch there are many more leaves that you cannot see. Each leaf or lifetime is apparently complete and perfect, and all the leaves/lifetimes exist separately quite happily. The branch itself is our soul which is eternal. If you choose to be consciously aware of this aspect of yourself you open up to the amazing powers that reside within you. If you can tune into your soul it will lead you to a healthy, whole, and joyful life, filled with wonderful gifts for self and humankind.

(If anyone knows where the story or author of the leaf and trees come from let me know!)


Spiritual teachings from many ancient faiths have spoken of energy bodies or light around the human body, for millennia. We only have to look at art work depicting Christ or the saints. They are always drawn with a halo of white or golden light around their heads. Why do you suppose that is? I believe that even back then, people unconsciously felt the vibration and energy emanating from these people even if they didn't understand it. The vibration of their auras was so high and pure, people naturally felt it was something other worldly.

There have been many studies into the human aura and its energy centers by various scientists over the years, and more recently there are also many medical doctors, psychiatrists, and healers who have written about the human aura and chakra system.

I highly recommend reading. In no particular order! Dr. Valerie Hunt, Dr. Brenda Davies Dr. Barbara Brennan, Dr. Bruce Lipton.



The word chakra means wheel in ancient Sanskrit (Ancient Indian language) it refers to the many energy vortices within the physical body and the aura itself. Every living being including the earth has chakras. Over 5,000 years ago ancient Indian texts spoke of a universal energy that surrounds everything. They called this energy Prana. Holy men or Yogis in ancient India used this energy through breathing techniques, meditation and yoga, to alter their state of consciousness. This brought them to a deeper connection with the divine and the understanding of life itself. The wisdom they received from the divine now forms the Vedic texts which are a part of the Hindu faith.



There are seven major chakras which are connected along a central column or power channel along our spine .This I add is not a physical entity that you can see and touch, like your own body. Though for some people with clairvoyance and a high sensory perception the chakras and aura are seen very clearly and it is quite normal for them to see this!



Chakras are energy vortices held within a central power channel. It is an energetic body a subtle body, a field of consciousness. This consciousness allows a deep communication between the soul and the Divine, and between the mind and the physical body. This channel provides a pathway where energy runs along the body. The seven major chakras are positioned along the main trunk of the body at the front and back. I must point out here that there are in actuality more than the seven chakras mentioned here. The chakras at the front are thought of to be concerned with our emotions and the back chakras are concerned with our will. There are seven major chakras and twenty one minor and hundreds of lesser chakras throughout the body. Chakras are found next to hormonal glands. Each chakra from the root to the crown, governs a different program. We have a survival and basic instinct program, a communications program, a relationship program etc. Each chakra spins at varying speeds in a clockwise direction when healthy. Many healers and psychics who are able to “see” have spoken of different colored “lights” flowing from these energy centers. These “lights” are the chakra colours which correspond with the rainbow colours we know and love. Red, Orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

As the cosmic energy flows down from our crown chakras at the top of our head the energy is very high and spins at a fast rate. The base chakra contains the densest energy and is the slowest and the colour it emits is red, the sacral chakra is orange, the solar plexus is yellow, the heart is green when the higher heart is developed it becomes pink, the throat is pale blue, although some people see a more turquoise colour. The third eye is indigo and the crown violet to pure white.



Chakras spin faster the higher up you go as the connection to the divine increases and you become more interested in spiritual matters. The crown which is at the top of the head forms a funnel where cosmic energy flows down into the chakras, and the base or root chakra draws mother earth energy up from the ground into the body to keep us grounded in our spirituality. The cosmic energy drawn down from the crown unites us with spirit. So in fact we are a field of energy flowing up down forwards backwards inside and out. It is when these chakras (energy vortices) become clogged that we begin to feel stuck or uneasy. Our vital energy decreases and if ignored can lead to illness. Our chakras can lose vitality due to unresolved issues and experiences from our past. And seemingly minor events could in fact be the cause of so much turmoil.



The chakras push vital energy around and through the body to ensure vitality and wellbeing.

We are also capable of drawing down more energy from universe for healing purposes. This energy is sometimes called Prana or chi. our chakras receive and radiate energy constantly. As thoughts are energy they determine the health of our chakras. Everything in the universe is energy, and as we are energetic beings everything we think about holds a specific energetic pattern. So if you hold negative thought patterns your chakras become slow, heavy and clogged, they cannot work at an optimal level. When this occurs over and over, illness can slowly creep in. Even when this happens you can of course still live, and go about your business. However a reduced energy flow leaves us feeling tired, less enthusiastic, out of balance and lacking true joy. This is when life can feel quite dull and unpleasant. When this happens there is usually a withdrawal of self and a very real lack of connection to the people and situations we find ourselves in. So it is vital that we assess and clear and protect our chakras one by one on a daily basis to asses any hurts upsets or negative feelings or situations we are holding on to. By doing this we, improve our health and vitality, we become more aware of the energy within and around us. We have better command of our emotions and communications with others and self. Our connection to the Divine is increased; our heart chakras develop to take in unconditional love of every living being on this planet. We open up to our soul’s purpose and talents. Our relationships improve and of course we connect with the sacredness within us all. This cleansing is not an easy task; it may feel pointless or tedious even repetitive and of course painful as you encounter many emotional memories and feelings. We stumble often when finding our true selves.Working on oneself is never easy and there are no short cuts. To heal yourself, you must go within, you must look at all aspects of yourself, even things that are or seem unpleasant. Once the groundwork has been done it will get easier and like brushing your teeth or having a shower every morning, it becomes something you can't live without!


I wish you a pleasant journey through the Rainbow of Wisdom


Chakra Crystal Body Healing Grid

As you can see I have laid out a very basic chakra healing crystal grid for your body. We have Smoky Quartz placed under the feet, to ground you to your Earth Star chakra, then Red Jasper for your Root Chakra, Carnelian for your Sacral chakra, Yellow Jasper for the Solar plexus, Aventurine for the Heart chakra, Blue Lace Agate for the throat chakra, Sodalite for the Third eye Chakra, and Amethyst for the Crown chakra.

Use this crystal grid to help cleanse and recharge your chakras. Once you get used to using different crystals you can experiment on different chakras to see how they work or feel to you. 

Lay down quietly for 20mins or so, in a clean tranquil room. Again play soft music or light candles.Do whatever feels right for you. Have the intention of clearing and recharging.Invite Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael to help in the process. Remain relaxed and calm during your time, breathe normally and gently. Do not force anything. Allow yourself to tune in to the vibration of the crystals one at a time, starting from your root chakra.Go up each crystal in turn.Allow them to recharge and balance you. When you feel their work has completed. Close down your chakras, keeping the root chakra open ( this must always be open!) Ask Archangel Michael to surround you in healing light of protection.Get up gently, and have a nice glass of water. Make sure you ground yourself and anchor into the ground with your root chakra, and the plantar chakras on the soles of your feet.  Cleanse your crystals ready for the next time!

Aura Strengthening

Your aura surrounds you, and it can be glimpsed by some who see it as a white or greyish blue hue around you.When people see this they are really only seeing the first layer which lies very close to the body.This first layer  is associated with the Root Chakra, the physical body and physical function. In truth your aura contains many colours on many levels. Within your aura dark, dense or stagnant energies or tears can indicate chronic disease or illness, hurt, anger and pain. Keeping our biomagnetic sheath (aura) as healthy as possible can help alongside traditional medicine and therapy.  I have a very simple picture here for you as an example of how to place the crystals on your body to strengthen your aura. Remember to cleanse and dedicate your crystals before and after use.

You may wish to light candles or incense and play soothing music.

Sit down quietly, go somewhere you will not be disturbed for around twenty minutes.

Set your intention to heal and strengthen your aura. Call in Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael for protection and healing.

Place the crystals as thus, smoky quartz below your feet one for each foot if possible, Red jasper as close to your perineum as possible ( sit on it) and place the labradorite in your left hand.

Now place the clear quartz in your right hand and place your arm palm facing upwards away from your body. Stretch your arm out as far as comfortably possible. Close your eyes and just become present to your own breath and the energy around and within you.  Stay with this for a few minutes. Gently move your right arm towards your body. At some point your hand will start to tingle or vibrate. This is because you are picking up on your subtle body (aura) this may take time and practice. Note how far the aura is from your body. Move your hand slowly  around  you, see if you can sense any cold, weak, or warm  spots from your aura. If you do, leave the clear quartz in that position for a few moments to clear what needs to! Now with the quartz comb your body from the top of your head working down the midline to your feet. Then repeat using the labradorite using your left hand. Do not rush this process, and don’t worry if you cannot feel anything.You have set the intention!

When you have completed this sit with the clear quartz in front of your solar plexus for a few minutes to energise your aura.

See  and feel that your aura is balanced, cleared and strengthened. Ask Archangel Michael to protect you throughout the day, and to re energise you when you need a top up!



Chakra Flowers