Rainbow Children

I am very happy and excited to announce that I am now qualified as a

  Rainbow Children Registered Teacher ®

I am the first teacher of this program here in Ireland, and it is the first course of its design here in Ireland!. At present the founder Linda Ananda is working to get the programme used in the school curriculum in the UK.



The following information is copyrighted to LINDA ANANDA

So what are the aims of the Rainbow Children classes? Why are they beneficial?



The aims of Rainbow Children

We live in a time where people are increasingly disconnected ~ from themselves, those around them and the earth and nature of which we are all a part.

Rainbow Children® aims to rekindle a deep sense of connection; encouraging connection to the Self and the body, teaching how to connect and relate healthily with others and establishing a deeper respect for the earth (by feeling the elements in the body and learning how everything is connected and relies upon each other children can gain a sense of connection and respect for nature).

Rainbow Children® seeks to help heal the spiritual malaise that is affecting much of society and having an impact on children. By offering a joyful connection to self, others, nature and spirit, Rainbow Children® aims to ease the problems that we see in adolescents and young adults such as depression and addiction. Often teenagers turn to drugs and alcohol to get ‘high’, to escape a busy mind and to connect with others. Rainbow Children® can help them discover at a younger age the natural high that comes from moving freely, ecstatic dance and understanding and feeling their subtle energy. Through learning how to be present, mindful and to enjoy life fully, young people become relaxed, aware and connected to the beauty and opportunity that each moment offers.


The classes and stories aim to teach children to be in the now and engender a greater presence (a connection to the present moment, grounded in the body) and offer a sense of being held within divine love and a timeless, infinite connection to all that is.


About Rainbow Children ® 

Rainbow Children® offers a unique blend of therapeutic stories with free dance, flowing movement, yoga, music, song and relaxation. Rainbow Children® helps children to release emotion in a positive way; it balances the body, calms the mind, nourishes the soul and enables children to recognise their inner resources. 

With its roots planted in Jungian Psychology, the wisdom of the ancient Vedas, Yoga and Dance Movement Therapy, Rainbow Children® is a fusion of eastern and western wisdom and movement practices.   Through the free flowing movement and the recognition of their inner experience in the stories, children release emotions, memories and tension.   The benefits touch on all areas of the children’s lives, encouraging children to develop into their full potential and offer their unique gifts to the world. 


Rainbow Children® was founded in the UK in 2007 by Linda Ananda.  Linda has brought her expertise in dance, yoga, psychology, healing and movement therapy to create this new offering. Rainbow Children® combines the best of eastern and western wisdom and movement practices.


The Rainbow Children’s class is essentially a tool which children can access the deeper and meaningful way of connecting to their own wisdom and knowledge. It encourages children to express and connect with their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves. The stories and characters along with movement activities bring balance, and inner resources to deal with life’s challenges. The songs used are not only beautiful but they are affirmations which create a positive outlook and increase self esteem.The stories of the rainbow children and its benefits include ~~~~~~~


Fun, Self Awareness, Inner Resources, Self Expression, Joy, Sensitivity, Appropriate Boundaries, Balance, Stillness, Activity, Receiving, Giving, Calming,  Enlivening




I must add that these classes are not religious, for further information please visit

 www.rainbowchildren.co.uk .

Here you will find wonderful resources.

Program is designed from (0~11yrs)

Rainbow Children Health & Safety Form

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    Kim Cullinane (Wednesday, 07 October 2015 18:29)

    Hi Trish, Thanks so much for a great class last week. The boys loved it and have been talking about it all week. Very magical and creative. Looking forward to the next one! Much love, Kim

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    geraldine (Wednesday, 07 October 2015 00:46)

    Thanks Tricia,the girls really enjoyed their rainbow children class,it was great to see them having such fun,they are looking forward to the next story,thanks ger