WEEK ONE MULADARRA CHAKRA                          SUNDAY 23RD SEPT   11AM 1PM


WEEK THREE MANIPURA CHAKRA                         SUNDAY     7TH OCT 11AM 1PM

WEEK FOUR ANAHATA CHAKRA                             SUNDAY 14TH OCT 11AM 1PM

WEEK FIVE VISUDDHA CHAKRA                              SUNDAY 21ST OCT 11AM 1PM

WEEK SIX AJNA CHAKRA                                             SUNDAY 28TH OCT 11AM 1PM




Wear warm clothing & non slip socks, bring a blanket for meditation.

Why Dance The CHAKRAS?

The benefit of dancing the chakras over other forms of conscious freeform dance is the use
of the chakra system as a map and guide to the dance. When we move (or do any other
form of process that leads to release) it is understandable that we may try to avoid areas
that are difficult for us to visit or where past trauma is held.
By utilising the chakras as a ‘healing map’ we ensure that we move past this avoidance
tendency as all areas of our being are explored and experienced.
All forms of dance and movement help to free up energetic blocks and can increase the flow
of the life force (or Shakti/Kundalini). However by focussing on the chakras whilst moving
we are directly influencing the energy system; creating balance and stimulating release in
the chakra system allows the uninhibited flow of energy up the central channel (Sushumna
Nadi) and throughout the body. When we focus on the energy system of the body and start
to experience the flow of subtle energy we feel more alive, more in connection with spirit
and our essential essence, having a direct experience of this within our human form


The therapeutic benefits of dance

Those who dance embark on a programme such as this and continue to move freely
regularly can expect:
greater self-confidence and presence
freer and more enjoyable expression through the body
more joy and happiness in life
deeper, more real connections with others, nature and oneself
healing of past traumas, wounds and hurts
experience of love - romantic, platonic and fraternal
to go beyond the ego to connect with all there is
to feel the body as a source of pleasure, rather than pain
enhanced sensitivity and sensuality
increased awareness and enjoyment of subtle energy
to find out what it is you like and want in life, and to go and get it
dissolve tensions and rigidities in the body and persona
to become more creative, expressive, open and alive



Chakra Dancing & Authentic movement 


Dance involves our whole being. We are involved physically emotionally and spiritually. Our movements allow us to enter that spiritual space where we become one with ourselves.Deep releasement and healing can occur when we allow our body's inner wisdom to speak. As we move and journey through each of our chakras we can uncover buried emotions that if we choose to express through voice and movement can bring understanding healing and clarity. For anyone who would like to try this I would like to say that you do not need to be a dancer! All you need to do is just be present.Be aware of your own emotions, and feelings. Move gently to your own beat, and express yourself in whatever way feels comfortable. I use various tools from writing,meditation,chanting, singing, and movement to help you. Sometimes you will work in pairs, but mostly you will be on your own, moving as  I gently guide you through each emotion relevant to each chakra and ending the session with an integrating meditation where you are lying comfortably on the floor. All music is picked to help bring you into the energy of each chakra, we have everything from classical, pop, Arabic, Indian to Eastern European.

 I am so happy to see everybody gently releasing their fear to "intuitively" dance and find that wisdom and connection to themselves. Thank you everyone who has participated so far. I know it is a new concept for a lot of you, and I really do think your fantastic for trying something new

Meditation & Healing With Angels


There are no meditation groups planned at present!





Meditation group is held fortnightly usually Thursday evening 7.30pm till 8.30pm with tea /cake and chat afterwards.The focus is on deepening, your relationship with the Divine, your inner wisdom and understanding your own energy in the context of the chakra system.

We generally work on ourselves and our chakras systems through my own guided meditations. We work within a sacred space where everyone is treated equally and with respect. Meditation within a group is very powerful, beautiful and positive. Meditation brings a gentle personal discovery of self, bringing an awareness of the Divine within, and a deepening calm and peaceful state of being!!. It can be used as a tool for inner guidance and acceptance of where you are at right now in your life.We include love, light, and prayers for our family, community, the earth, animals, and every being of this wonderful planet. So drop me an email if you are interested in joining our  little meditation family. Or if you would like to try a private session with me! Our meditation is held within a Sacred Space, this space is respected! And all who enter are agreeing to honour and respect everyone. It is a space for personal healing and relaxation, a space to be open honest and loved.



Chakra Dance WorkshopTestimonials

Patricia your Intuitive Dance Workshop on Sunday the 13th April in Ladysbridge was wonderful bringing so much energy joy ,light and inspiration  through the movement of dance what a lovely way to work with our Chakras.I am feeling so uplifted after this great afternoon of dance, and cannot wait for the next workshop .Thanks a mill  for being such an inspiration and bringing this new experience  to my life.Keep up the good work .Angel blessings Breda

The dance workshop was the best fun I have had in such a long time. Great to let loose and I didn't feel at all self conscious. I felt safe happy and at ease. Although it was hard as it brought up things that I have been going through and was trying to deny for a long time. I thought I had healed all my demons but alas the biggest one of all is the one that I was denying the most. This week although hard as the tears fell is beginning to get better and clearer as I have kept so much in but now it is being released and while I want to run and hide so much I know I have to face it. And I am scared but I am ready. Thank you Patricia for helping me open with your dance and song so I may truly heal. I would recommend this dance workshop to everyone as Patricia is a true teacher her face lights up when she does this work with us and you can see it in her whole being that she was born to do this. Please try it out.


Kind Regards

Laura K  x



I hold introduction angel and meditation evening classes at St Coleman’s in Midleton Cork twice a year. I also run private workshops. The workshop in St Colemans covers different topics each week including the spiritual energy system, chakras the aura, grounding and protecting exercises, meditation, how to connect with your guardian angel, crystals,how to give yourself an angel card reading, and much more!! This workshop gives you a chance to look at your own beliefs and challenge anything that no longer serves you. You can explore your own spirituality and what it means to you in a safe environment with like-minded people. These workshops are intended to encourage you on your spiritual path, and give you insights and tools you can use in every day life. These workshops help you to empower yourself, let go of limiting beliefs and follow your inner guidance. You are your own healer!!

I also run a chakra development course/workshop which runs over a number of weeks (this covers the chakra system in depth).The chakra system is our Rainbow Gateway  our wisdom! our access to healing of the physical, emotional,mental, and spiritual aspects of self.This is a very grounding and practical course that includes information on the anatomical body as well as the psychological effects and development of the chakra system itself. Working and understanding the Chakra System is a key part of understanding the spiritual and human self!! When we work on the physical and very human aspects of ourselves it is very easy then to understand where we are at in  terms of our life and our spirituality. Working with the lower chakras is key to understanding ourselves.

As anyone who comes to me for meditation or workshop knows, I don't do airy fairy!! Being grounded and practical is of the utmost importance.Working with our chakras is a continual process and a practical tool for life. Working with your own chakras and energy system is amazing and it continues to show me deeper and deeper mysteries. The more you work with your own energy the more you learn grow and expand.There is always more to learn and understand. there is always new information being revealed and always room to improve and expand.It really is a Rainbow Wisdom journey for life.